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Americans are socialized to enjoy movies and Video Games that feature a high degree of violence. However, most Americans do not enjoy violence in their personal lives and would never hurt another person physically.

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Why did many Americans become fascinated with heroes in the 1920s?

Many Americans became fascinated with heroes in the 1920s, because they longed for symbols of old-fashioned virtues.

Why do you think Americans were fascinated by railroads?

They were fascinated by it because that was new to them and never seen something that goes fast and can travel in less time.

Why where many Americans fascinated with heroes in the 1920s?

This is a Thompson Question. I have no idea.

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The cat is not fascinated with your bathroom habits, it simply understands that you are a captive audience and wants attention.

What was Americans opinion on the Vietnam war?

They opposed the violence

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Willy's boss

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... fascinated is good

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Why were Americans fascinated with Sputnik?

Sputnik was the first man made satellite to be put in space by man. The whole World took their hats of to the innovators of this achievement. The Americans were infuriated that the Russians beat them to it.

What does the term to be fascinated by something or someone mean?

The word 'fascinated' means to be intensely interested, so to be fascinated by something or someone means to be irresistibly drawn to a particular person or object. It can be best described as being similar to being put under a spell.

What was Maria Sibylla Merian fascinated by?

She was fascinated by the metamorphis of butterflies

How did congress respond to violence against African Americans?

They Were expired the vviolence

How many Americans experience violence with their intimate partner?

32 million

What laws stopped violence against African Americans?

hate crimes

What did the government do to reduce violence against African Americans after the civil war'?


How did Americans such as George Washington react to the violence of shays rebellion?

he farted

How do you use the word fascinated in a sentence?

i was very fascinated by how he described his job.