Annie Oakley

Why are Annie and her father in Florida?

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Annie Oakley's father died of pneumonia in the 1866 (Annie was 6 years old) jacob moses(annies father) died at the age of sixty five years old

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Annie Oakley's father, Jacob Moses, died in 1866 from pneumonia. Annie was 6 years old.

No, but her father died when she was six.

She doesn't have a second father she had one and knew him for 8 years.

no Wilson cannon is her father

"farther south ... California" ... Florida

Annie was the oldest child out of Jimmy Sullivan who were born by Alice Sullivan then when Annie was six her mom died then her father remarried a new women and then they had a child named Mary. So Annie kind of had a sister

Her father was a Presbyterian pastor so she was probably a Presbyterian.

her father gave her her first gun.

Annie's Dad died when she was only 6.

well she had to leave her mother because her mother could not take care of all seven of them, and her mother's happieness when her father died.

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i left Florida with my son can i get into trouble and what is my opions

Because of poverty following the death of her father, Annie did not regularly attend school.

Her father is Henry Chee DodgeHer mother is K'eehabah

Annette Funicello went by Annie ("Dolly" by her father).

Annie Oakley was about nine years old when she first started to shoot. Annie also taught herself to shoot at the same age. Annie had to teach herself how to shoot because her father died when she was 6 years old of overexposure to cold weather.

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She learned to shoot before the age of six from her father.

Opal and her father moved to Naomi, Florida so her father could become the preacher at the Open Arms Baptist Church.

Perhaps as early as four. She was trained by her father who died when she was six.