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Macs are expensive because they can be. Macs have a gross profit margin exceeding 35%, where PC makers (Dell, HP, Gateway, etc), have margins around 6%. People are simply willing to pay for the user friendliness and platform stability that comes with Macs, as opposed to their crash and virus prone PC cousins.

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Q: Why are Apple Macs so expensive?
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Are apple Macs good?

yes, Apple macs are brilliant, and they are very expensive and valued very much!

Are Apple Macs Really Made From Apples If so Which Type Of Apples?

Apple Macs are not made from Apples.

What is the price of Apple Mac?

There are several apple macs available and they range from the least expensive macbook air costing a minimum of $999 to the most expensive macbook pro which costs $2800. Discounted macs or older models can be found on ebay or amazon for much less.

What generation are apple laptops on now?

apple laptops- do you mean apple macs but any way they are in the generation which were we are born so if

How is apple macs made?

in an apple orchard

Why are Macs expensive, yet have poor gaming performance?

They are expensive because of the quality of the product and they aren't meant for gaming. Also they are made by Apple which is usually pretty

Is apple the computer brand?

Apple is a company that makes a brand of computer called Macintosh which are often referred to as Macs or Apple Macs.

Who makes macs?


Which company makes the best laptops?

Out of experience, I believe Apple (MACS) is the best company for laptops. They are virus-free and do not require a Virus Scanner like PC's do. Macs may be more expensive, but they are worth it!

Where are Macs made?

All Macs are designed by Apple in California but manufactured in China.

Are apple macs better than toshiba?


What metal are apple macs made from?


Can you download steam on apple macs?


Is steam available on apple Mac?

Yes Steam is available on Apple Macs.

Why is mobile me so expensive?

It is expensive because all Apple products are expensive. You just have to expect a brand tax as the price of doing business with Apple.

Why do Intermediates use apple Macs?

Macs have always been popular in the education sector because a lot of educational software was developed specifically for Macs. Many schools who decided to use Macs early have continued to work with them. Schools also often prefer to use Apple Macs because of their reliability and ease of use for students. Because Apple makes both the hardware and software with Macs, there are few problems that arise over the Mac's life.

Why is apple so expensive?

Ask yourself why does a Cadillac cost more than a Chevrolet and you have your answer. People are simply willing to pay for the user friendliness and platform stability that comes with Macs, as opposed to their crash and virus prone PC cousins. Apple builds quality computers that when compared to quality built Windows PCs are no more expensive. You get what you pay for.

How many people use Apple Macs?


Do apple macs have updates?

Yes. Regular ones.

What OSS does Sprint use?

OSS is the Apple processing unit found in iPhones, Macs, and other apple devices. Sprint doesn't carry for Apple products so it does not have an OSS version.

Do any specific brands of routers work better with Macs?

In my opinion, Apple makes the best routers for Macs.

Is apple Mac the best?

Yes apple Mac is the best it Has the fastest Internet also macs are known for lees viruses so I would prefere Mac

Can you install Final Cut Pro on window XP?

No, the software is made by Apple, so it only runs on Macs.

Which OS does apple Macs use?

The latest Intel Macs can run Windows, Linux or Apple OSX, just depends on what disc you put in it and accidentally blat your hard drive!

What year did apple macs come out?

The Apple Macintosh was available to buy on 24th January 1984.