Why are Arabian wolves endangered?

Endangered species are commonly endangered because humans destroy their homes (to expand cities, for the natural resources there, etc.); because humans hunt, trap, kill, shoot, poisoned, ecettera, animals; and so on and so forth.

Arabian wolves are endangered for the following reaons:

The climate of the desert force animals, and humans, to live near permanant sources of water, which means they have an equal chance of hunting and killing livestock than they do of killing natural prey.

Rabies epidemic in that part of the world has wiped out many Arabian wolves.

Interbreeding with feral dogs, which means that more and more 'Arabian wolves' are actually a mix of wolf and wild dog, which means pure-blooded Arabian wolves will continually be rarer to find. An example: pure-blooded Arabian wolves have yellow-gold eyes, like most wolves, but many Arabian wolves are discovered with brown eyes, a sign of interbreeding with wild dogs.

Unlike most wolf breeds, Arabian wolves don't have such a wide range of livability, which means that they cannot live in much different climate than what they do now. Which means, as hunters, farmers, etc., kill the wolves, they can't move like other wolves would have, because they would die because of the climate change as they travelled. Which, thus, gives them a limited area to live in, which humans are quickly pouring into.