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Why are BMW air-cooled engines called boxers?

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The answer from Timberwoof's Motorcycle FAQ: "The pistons move in and out at the same time, like boxers' fists." Subarus and old VWs are also considered boxers due to their opposing cylinder layout.

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Does BMW still make twin-cam engines?

As far as I know, BMW ONLY makes twin-cam engines.

Is there Mercedes aircraft engines?

No, there are not. However during WW2 there were BMW aircraft engines .

What is the fist BMW?

The first BMW products were airplane engines, and the first car they manufactured was the BMW Dixi DA 1

What Does TDS in BMW Engines stand for?

Turbo Diesel

How much oil in a BMW 735IL?

7 quarts is the standard capacity for BMW six cylinder engines.

What were the original products of Lamborghini and BMW before they started making cars?

Lamborghini: tractors BMW: aircraft engines

When were BMW motorcycles first produced?

Motorcycles bearing the BMW name were first manufactured in 1923. Prior to the introduction of the BMW R23, BMW made engines for other motorcycle companies.

Where do BMW cars come from?

BMW stands for Bavarian Motor Works. The company was founded in Germany in 1917. BMW has also built motorcycles and airplane engines.

What kind of engine is in the BMW 3 series?

BMW 3 Series is a car made in Germany, and BMW has been made since 1975. The engines are four cylinder. Since many car companies are going green, they have began making different engines.

Is the BMW 645 and the BMW M6 the same car?

it has the same style but m,s are known for more quality engines

When was BMW started?

1916 aircraft engines. 1923 motorcycles. 1928 automobiles.

Who makes mini cooper engines?

Bavarian Motor Works, a.k.a., BMW.

What does BMW symbol means?

During the war BMW made Engines for Planes. The Black+Blue, The blue indicates the sky and the black is the Papellas

What does the BMW logo stand for?

Bavarian motor works BMW is Bavarian Motor Works. The "logo" is the rotation of a propeller on an aircraft engine. BMW started with aircraft engines, then motor cycles, then cars.

What cars today have 3 cylinder engines in them?

BMW developing a new family of 3-cylinder turbo engines that will go into the next-generation MINI

What does a 2003 BMW Z4 weigh?

For the 2.0 Litre engines, (that is 20i, 23i...) it weighs 1375kg.

What engine is in the rover 75 diesel?

Rover 75 share the BMW 3 series platform and technique. Petrol engines are manufactured by MG Rover (except 4.6 V8 produce by Ford). The 2.0 l diesel, four cylinder inline, turbocharged engines, called CDT-116 PS and CDTI-131 PS, are BMW M47 common-rail diesel engine produced from 1998 to 2007 year. Same engine you can find in BMW 3 and 1 series.

How do you know that this BMW is e30 or e36 you have a 320 ic 1992?

i think e36 engines were from 1991 - 1999

Was BMW in World War 2?

Yes, they built aircraft engines for the German Air Force (Luftwaffe).

How much engine oil does a 3 series BMW need?

modern BMW 6 cylinder engines take 7 quarts of oil. that's from about 1995 to current production.

Does BMW brake down a lot?

BMW rarely break down you have 1/10 chance of it breakin down because they have great engines unlike Benz which will break down a lot

Were cosworth engines ever fitted to Morgan cars?

No, although ordinary Ford V6 engines have been used in them. Since departing from manufacturing their own engines in the early 1950s, the Morgan car company has used Standard, Triumph, Fiat, Rover, Ford and BMW engines in their cars.

What was BMW's first car?

BMW is a beautiful car but the first car of BMW was built in 1928 with the motor bikes not cars.They first started making engines for planes that why the logo of BMW is like that because it represents the front propel er of a plane.

Are BMW m engines hand built?

Yes. That's why they are so expensive. They are truly all hand built!!

Does BMW 330d have a cam belt?

Answer from MR I CHOUDHURY: No, it has a cam chain (runs inside engine housing) not as a rubber belt as normal engines. This is valid for M57 and M57N engines as far as I know.