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Their luminosity can be inferred from their period.

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What is a variable being measured?

The variable that you are measuring is the dependent variabledependant variable

What is the variable measuring the result of an experiment?

Dependent variable!!

Independent variable in measuring heart rate?

Time is the independent variable.

Independent and dependent are types of this in science?

Variables. A dependant variable is dependent upon the independent variable - it is usually the unit that you are measuring eg mL, degrees, m etc.An independent variable is what youa re measuring - generally a question, object etc.When writing an experiment, it is important to identify these variables, as teachers like to mark them.

Is perception a discreet or continuous variable?

It would depend what aspect of perception you are measuring and how you are measuring it.

Cepheid variable stars have been used to determine the?

1)placing cosmological constraints on the expansion of the Universe through the determination of distances to galaxies 2)to measure many characteristics of our galaxy and our relationship to it

What does a controlled experiment include?

a controlled experiment has an independent variable (what you are testing) and a dependent variable (what you are measuring)

What is an across variable?

An across variable is a variable whose value is determined by measuring a difference of the values at the two extreme points of an element.

What is a dependet varible?

dependent variable is what you are measuring in an science experiment

How is independent and dependent variables measured?

Independent Variable is what you are CHANGING and Dependent Variable is what you are MEASURING ! get at me on aim if i helped Gurlsofly5

In a experiment why is it important to have one manipulted variable?

its important to have a manipulative variable so you have at least one variable that will reapond to what you do to it

What did Edwin Hubble discover in the Great Nebula in the Andromeda constellation?

He discovered Cepheid variable stars in the Great Nebula in the Andromeda constellation. These stars are used as a way of measuring distances to other galaxies. The first Cepheid he found he originally thought was a "nova". Then he realised it was a variable. That enabled him to estimate the distance to the Andromeda galaxy.

What are the independent dependent and control variables?

The independent variable is the thing you are changing/varying. The dependent variable is the thing you are measuring. This variable should be affected by the independent variable. Control variables are anything that must be kept constant. If there are any other factors which affect the dependent variable, then these need to be controlled so that they do not have any significant effect (basically ensuring that you are actually measuring the effects of the independent variable).

What is linear transformer?

The Linear Variable Differential Transformer is a type of electrical transformer used for measuring linear displacement. A counterpart to this device that is used for measuring rotary displacement is called a Rotary Variable Differential Transformer.

What is used in experiments but not in the correlational method?

measuring a variable such as how aggressive or how helpful people are

What is difference between a discrete variable and a continuous variable?

a continous variable is one that can assume different values at each point, so if you were measuring height it could be 187.1, 187.2.. 187.8, but this can not be used for something such as measuring the amount of people in a family, because there can't be 3.4 people in a family. This is when discrete variable is used, this measures full numbers.

What is the part of a experiment that can be changed called?

the thing you change is the dependant variable - it's thing that DEPENDS on the thing your measuring. (independant variable) eg - if you change the length of the wire and measure the voltage after each 10cm, the independant variable (measuring) is the voltage, the dependant variable (changing) is the length of the wire, and the control variable (keeping the same) can be the material of the wire, the batteries etc. you get the point.hope that helped...

What are the independent and dependent variables of how fertilizer affects plant growth?

The independent variable is the thing you are testing or the thing you control. The dependent variable is what you are measuring.

Definition of manipulated variable?

Manipulated variable is also known as Independent variable and is the factor that you change in an experiment. For example if you were measuring the effects of alcohol on driving ability the manipulated variable would be alcohol, either with or without alcohol.

What is the dependent variable in Haber and Levin's study into perception 2001?

The DV in this experiment is the size of objects reported by participants and the distances given to the objects. The DV is always what they are measuring. Think of the results table....what do the numbers in it mean? What do they represent? This will help you remember how to ge the DV

What does a variable scale look like?

A variable scale uses a set of adjustable accordion-like compasses to compute the distances between points on a map or diagram.

When measuring the breathing rate of fish over time the variable is independent or dependent?


What are the twenty constants of the Universe?

I only know of two constants in the universe. One is time which is an invariable constant and change which is a variable constant.

What is the difference between an independent variable and a dependant variable?

the independent variable is the variable that the scientist is changing. the dependent variable is what the scientist is measuring. for example: if i wanted to know how the amount of light a bean plant recieves affects its height, the amount of light would be the independent variable and the bean plant height would be the dependent variable

What are the variables in a scientific experiment?

There are 3 different variable. The independent variable is what you will be changing in the experiment and there should only be one. The dependent variable is what you will be measuring or observing. The controlled variable is what you will be keeping the same and there can be more than one. There is no limit on how many controlled variables you can have.

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