Why are Egyptian pyramids triangular in shape?

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To shelter and safeguard the part of a pharaoh's soul that remained with his corpse, Egyptians built massive tombs-but not always pyramids.
Before the pyramids, tombs were carved into bedrock and topped by flat-roofed structures called mastabas. Mounds of dirt, in turn, sometimes topped the structures.
The pyramid shape of later tombs could have come from these mounds. More likely, Egyptian pyramids were modeled on a sacred, pointed stone called the benben. The benben symbolized the rays of the sun; ancient texts claimed that pharaohs reached the heavens via sunbeams.
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Why did the egyptians use the pyramid shape?

The Egyptians wanted their kings to have splendid tombs because they wanted the king's body to be well protected, and because they expected the spirits of their dead kings to use the tomb as a house until the end of all time. They also wanted to show that their kings were the richest and most powerf ( Full Answer )

Where are the Egyptian pyramids?

The ancient E gyptians built the pyramids where ever as long as it was in Egypt and on the west side of the Nile river. anywhere they could near a city named Giza west bank of the Nile.

What is a triangular pyramid?

In geometry, pyramid has many forms such as rectangular pyramid,trapezoidal pyramid, quadrilateral pyramid and even triangularpyramid. Triangular pyramid is a pyramid with triangular base andcan be called as a tetrahedron if each of its faces has congruentequilateral triangles.

Why are the Egyptian pyramids triangular in shape?

The pyramids of Egypt were built in a triangular shape to representa mound. The shape was a representation of the Egyptian belief thatthe Earth came from a mound. Note that while the pyramids are triangular from the side, theyactually occupy a square footprint (i.e. square pyramids). This wasin ord ( Full Answer )

Why are pyramids triangular?

That is what they are defined as. A polygonal base with triangular faces meeting at an apex above the base.

How do you describe a triangular pyramid?

A triangular pyramid is a three dimensional figure whose base is atriangle in shape. Triangular pyramids also have three side facesthat are also triangles, four vertices, and six edges.

Why is a pyramid triangular?

Imhotep may have been the first to conceive the notion of stacking mastabas on top of each other - creating an edifice composed of a number of "steps" that decreased in size towards its apex. The result was the Step Pyramid of Djozer - which was designed to serve as a gigantic stairway by which th ( Full Answer )

Why was the Egyptian pyramids pyramid shaped?

Firstly, the pyramid shape represents the first land to appear at the beginning of time--the primordial mound, or the "Ben-ben". Secondly, the sloping sides of the pyramid shape enabled the dead pharaoh to symbolically climb up to the heavens and live in peace forever. Thirdly, the shape of a pyrami ( Full Answer )

Why did ancient Egyptians use the pyramid shape?

It was easy to do, and used less stone. Imagine a square, a big one the size of a pyramid. To build a pyramid, the Egyptian workers piled dirt to a ramp and rolled up stones on logs. This process would be more difficult if they used any other shape. Plus, pyramids have 5 faces. Cubes have 6. You ( Full Answer )

How is a triangular pyramid alike a triangular prism?

A triangular pyramid is similar to a triangular prism because: . These prisms have triangular bases. . They have the sharp vertices on each side. . These prisms also have quadrilateral faces or 4-sided faces!

What is different from a triangular prism and a triangular pyramid?

The difference beween a Triangular Prism, and a Triangular Pyramid (Tetrahedron) Prism Pyramid Five sides Four sides ---------> 1 less than the Prism Six corners Four corners -------> 2 less than the Prism Nine edges Six edges ----------> 3 less than the Prism So there you go. Thanks f ( Full Answer )

What are some things shaped like triangular pyramid?

The Louvre Museum, in London has a glass triangular pyramid in the center. Toblerone chocolate bar boxes are triangular pyramids as well. A more obscure triangular pyramid, found at home, is the corner of a zip-lock bag when it is filled with liquid! The game pieces of trivial pursuit are a ( Full Answer )

Why did the egyptians build the pyramid the shape they did?

Scholars have put forward many theories why the tombs of the early pharaohs were built in the pyramid shape. Here are three different ideas: . The pyramid represented the first land to appear at the beginning of time a primordial hill the ancient Egyptians called Ben-Ben . The pyramid had sloping ( Full Answer )

How do you find the edges of a triangular pyramid?

You count them. Let's look at a square, it has 4 edges. Just count the sides of the shape. Vertice = corners (point) Faces = the flat surface areas Edges = sides of the shape that makes up the shape like the outline of a shape.

How are triangular pyramid and a square pyramid alike?

they are both types of pyramids They're both triangular pyramids, and all of them have a base, multiple faces, and at one end the faces come to a point. . * * * *. They are NOT both triangular pyramids!.

Find the volume of a triangular pyramid?

A pyramid has a base and triangular sides which rise to meet at the same point. The base may be any polygon such as a square, rectangle, triangle, etc. The general formula for the volume of a pyramid is: Area of the base * Height * 1/3 The volume of a pyramid with a rectangular base is equal to: ( Full Answer )

Does a triangular pyramid have 4 triangular faces?

No, it has five plus the bottom :D * * * * * The previous answer is incorrect: a pyramid with 5 faces plus the bottom would be a pentagon based pyramid! A triangular based pyramid, or tetrahedron, DOES have 4 triangular faces.

Why is food pyramid triangular in shape?

As we all know, triangles are thinner up the top and wider down the bottom. The foods we need to eat the most are at the bottom because there are more of them and that's where there is more space. The food we should eat least is up the top because there are less of these and the top is where there i ( Full Answer )

Why did Egyptians do pyramids?

Pyramids are tombs , so the Egyptians would make them to bury there pharaohs in once they died....

What is the number of edges of the triangular pyramid?

The number of edges of the triangular pyramid is eight but the number of faces is five. * * * * * Even though put in italics, the answer is wrong. It would have been correct for a square or rectangle based pyramid but NOT a triangular pyramid. The latter has 6 edges (and 4 triangular face ( Full Answer )

How is a triangular and a rectangular pyramid different?

The difference in a triangular and rectangular pyramid only has to do with the base of the pyramid, which in turn decide how many sides the pyramid will have. A triangular pyramid has a base shaped like a triangle, which ends up having a total of 4 sides (including the base itself). A rectangu ( Full Answer )

Can a triangular pyramid be called a rectangle pyramid?

No. A triangular pyramid describes a triangle whose base is a triangle (not just the sides which define it as a pyramid), whereas a rectangular pyramid is one whose base is a rectangle. A triangle and a rectangle are not the same (a triangle is not a rectangle, and a rectangle is not a triangle), so ( Full Answer )

Why pyramids triangular?

pyramids are triangular because of some religious reasons which include stairway to heaven,protection of spirits and all... .According to geometry triangular shapes are more durable and can stand longer,more easy to build...

Why did the Egyptians build tombs in the shapes of pyramids?

im not positive but i think one pharaoh wanted a grander tomb . Also, if this helps, i know that before the pyramids egyptians used mastabas, a rectangular tomb to bury the pharaohs. The pharaoh had egyptians hand cut all the bricks out of the ground for the pyramids, and they were big. I thin ( Full Answer )

What shape has more sides pyramid or triangular prism?

You don't get any sides on 3D shapes. However, here are the features of both shapes: Square based pyramid: 5 faces, 5 vertices, 8 edges Triangular prism: 5 faces, 6 vertices, 9 edges. Then again, it depends on what type of base the pyramid in question has.