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To shelter and safeguard the part of a pharaoh's soul that remained with his corpse, Egyptians built massive tombs-but not always pyramids.

Before the pyramids, tombs were carved into bedrock and topped by flat-roofed structures called mastabas. Mounds of dirt, in turn, sometimes topped the structures.

The pyramid shape of later tombs could have come from these mounds. More likely, Egyptian pyramids were modeled on a sacred, pointed stone called the benben. The benben symbolized the rays of the sun; ancient texts claimed that pharaohs reached the heavens via sunbeams.

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The pyramids of Egypt were built in a triangular shape to represent a mound. The shape was a representation of the Egyptian belief that the Earth came from a mound. Note that while the pyramids are triangular from the side, they actually occupy a square footprint (i.e. square pyramids). This was in order to align the pyramids with the cardinal directions.

triangle... because pyramids are triangular therefore triangular pyramids have triangle faces

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Pyramids have some triangular faces.

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Square based Triangular prism

The shape of its base. So you can get triangular pyramids, square pyramids and so on.

Pyramids are constructed from triangular shapes and can have square or triangle bases

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Triangular domes, called pyramids, were ancient Egyptian architecture.

An Egyptian Pyramid has 4 triangular sides and 1 SQUAREbase. An Egyptian Pyramid has 4 triangular sides and 1 SQUARE base.

A hexahedron in the form of a triangular bipyramid: two triangular pyramids stuck together.

A triangular dipyramid - two triangular pyramids stuck together.

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the pyramids were invented by using a cement like substance called adobe (A-dob-E) and put in a triangular shape.

Pyramids are most famous for being the shape of many Egyptian burials, mostly of pharoahs and the aristocracy.

pyramids have a triangular base. As a triangle has three sides, the pyramid will have three sides. Although you can get square based pyramids which have four sides. ---------------------------------------------- The Egyptian pyramids are 4 sided not 3 sided.

Egyptian tombs used to be built in square-based pyramids. Eventually, they used tombs under the ground which were labyrinthine in shape.

A triangular prism has 5 faces. Pentagonal prisms and hexagonal pyramids have 7.

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