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Q: Why are Ensign bars gold and Lieutenant junior grade bars silver?
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What is the Name for naval officers?

Here they are from top to bottom: Admiral Vice Admiral Rear Admiral (upper half) Rear Admiral (lower half) Captain Commander Lieutenant Commander Lieutenant Lieutentant (junior grade) Ensign

What is the navy equivalence of a 1st lieutenant?

Lieutenant Junior Grade

Who is a sub-lieutenant in the navy?

In the US Navy that rank is called Lieutenant jg. "Junior Grade"

How does a us navy officer get a advancement?

For the junior grades of Ensign and Lieutenant Junior Grade, promotion to Lieutenant is pretty much automatic, as long as you have a pulse and a body temperature above 97. You have to really fall on your sword to fail to select to LT. Promotion to Lieutenant Commander (O-4) is based on a selection board, and only about half of the Lieutenants will be promoted to LCDR. The selection board primarily looks at your performance evaluation reports, called "fitness reports" or FITREPs.

Who is Lieutenant Ayala in Star Trek?

Tarik Ergin plays the role of Lieutenant Junior Grade Ayala .

When Roger Staubach finished his US Navy tour of duty and went to the Dallas Cowboys NFL franchise what was his Naval Rank?

Staubach was an ENS (ensign) when he served in Vietnam, a LTJG (lieutenant junior grade) when he returned to the states, and a LT (lieutenant) when he attended the Cowboys rookie training camp on leave in 1968. He resigned his commission early in 1969.

What is a lieutenant captain in the Navy?

There is no such rank- Naval ranks in the commissioned officers are O-l Ensign, O-2 Lieutenant- Junior Grade, O-3 Lieutenant, senior Grade, o-4 Lieutenant Commander- LCDR ( often these men were assigned roles as Submarine and destroyer captains) Commander-O-5 Navy Captain 0-6 ( equivalent to Army Colonel_ as a courtesy title any commanding officer of a ship is called ( captain) in direct address. we"ll leave the commodore and Flag ranks ( admirals) alone here. There is no Lieutenant-Captain in the US Navy.

What is the military rank before Capt and Col?

The officer ranks (lowest to highest) for the Army, Marines, and Air Force are as follows. 2nd Lieutenant, 1st Lieutenant, Captain, Major, Lieutenant Colonel, Colonel, Brigadier General, Major General, Lieutenant General, and General. The officer ranks (lowest to highest) for the Navy are as follows. Ensign, Lieutenant Junior Grade, Lieutenant, Lieutenant Commander, Commander, Captain, Rear Admiral Lower Half, Rear Admiral Upper Half, Vice Admiral, and Admiral.

Star Trek lieutenant?

The ranking system on all of the Star Trek incarnations is based on the modern day Naval system. Lieutenant is a rank between Lieutenant Junior Grade and Lieutenant Commander.

What is the army rank for LTJG?

LTJG is a Navy rank for Lieutenant Junior Grade. The pay grade is O-2, and the equivalent rank in the Army, Air Force, and Marine Corps is First Lieutenant.

Why the us army rank of major is in gold and lieutenent colonel is in silver?

Gold is more valuable than silver. The very beginning of the officer corps is the gold bar of the 2nd Lieutenant (Ensign in the Navy)...meaning, he has EARNED the GOLD, and has entered the ranks of the officer corps. The rank of Major (Lieutenant Commander in the Navy) is the FIRST military rank of the "Field Grade" officer level. There is no Gold Star for entering the General Officer levels of rank. There are three officer corps levels: Company Grade Officers (1st & 2nd Lieutenants, Captain), Field Grade Officers (Major, Lieutenant Colonel, Colonel), and General Officers (Brigader General, Major General, Lieutenant General, and General).

What are the Us navy ranks highest to lowest?

When you say ranks, you reffer to officers ranks (enlisted personell have pay RATES)but anyway they go like this from lowest to highest (sorry about the order) one gold bar-Ensign ( in-sin ) one silver bar- Lieutenant (Junior Grade) two silver bars- Lieutenant ( LU-ten-ant) one gold leaf- Lieutenant Commander one silver leaf- Commander the eagle- Captian one star- Rear Admiral (Lower half) two stars- Rear Admiral (Upper half) three stars- Vice Admiral four stars- Admiral five stars- Fleet Admiral (this rank reserved for times of war)

What was John F. Kennedy's rank in the Military?

JFK was a lieutenant junior grade. A lieutenant (jg) was the same as first lieutenant in the other branches, paygrade O-2. Kennedy had entered the service as an ensign, the lowest officer rank in the US Navy (O-1), the equivalent of second lieutenant in the other branches. Kennedy was directly commissioned from civilian life, after flunking out of Harvard, due to his father's influence. His father was US Ambassador to Great Britain and he wanted John to serve as an assistant Naval Attache at his embassy.

What future president was the commander of USPT-109?

Lieutenant Junior Grade (LTJG) John F. Kennedy, USN.

When is Star Trek voyager's tom Paris reinstated to lieutenant?

Tom Paris is reinstated as Lieutenant Junior Grade in the episode "Unimatrix Zero" (season 6 episode 26).

Was John Kennedy a president during a war?

He was a naval Lieutenant Junior Grade during WWII. He was president only during the Vietnam War.

What is the military rank after lieutenant?

Depends which branch of service. In the US Army, Air Force, and Marine Corps there are two Lieutenant ranks - Second Lieutenant (O-1) - which is the lowest commissioned officer rank - and First Lieutenant (O-2), which is the next rank up. Likewise in the Navy and Coast Guard, there are also two Lieutenant ranks - Lieutenant Junior Grade - which is pay grade O-2 and equivalent to a First Lieutenant in any other branch - and Lieutenant - which is pay grade O-3 and equivalent to a Captain in any other branch. After (Navy) Lieutenant comes Lieutenant Commander, which is equivalent to a US Army/Air Force/Marine Corps Major.

Who was the youngest navy pilot to fly in combat over pacific and was awarded the distinguished flying cross?

LTJG (Lieutenant, Junior Grade) George Bush

What grade is a junior?

A junior is in eleventh grade.

What grade is junior prom in?

Junior year, 11th grade.

Is lieutenant a higher rank than first or second lieutenant?

i think so. cuz in movies u nevr hear any1 address a first or second lieutenant This depends. Second Lieutenants and First Lieutenants are both addressed verbally as "Lieutenant". The Army, Marine Corps, and Air Force have Second Lieutenants as the lowest Commissioned Officer rank. They are then promoted to First Lieutenants. The next rank for Army, Marine Corps, and Air Force Officers is Captain. The Navy has the rank of Lieutenant but is a higher rank. Naval Officers begin as Ensign. They are promoted to Lieutenant JG (junior grade) and then to Lieutenant. The Navy Lieutenant is the equivalent of an Army Captain. The Navy also has the Captain rank, but the Navy Captain is the equivalent of an Army Colonel.

What is the abbreviation for a first lieutenant?

It depends on the branch of service.Branch: Rank/GradeUSAF: 1st Lt/0-2USA: 1LT/0-2USMC: 1st Lt/0-2USN: Lieutenant Junior Grade (LTJG)/0-2USCG: Lieutenant Junior Grade (LTJG)/0-2Note: Navy and US Coast Guard officer ranks differ from other branches.

What does it mean to be an ensign in the navy?

In the United States Navy, the rank of "ensign" superseded passed midshipman in 1862. It is the junior most commissioned officer in the navy, the coast guard, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Commissioned Corps, and Public Health Service Commissioned Corps. The rank is also used in the United States Maritime Service and the United States Naval Sea Cadet Corps. It ranks below lieutenant junior grade and is also equivalent to a second lieutenant in the Army, Marine Corps, and the Air Force. Depending upon the warfare community, an ensign may go directly to a ship after commissioning to serve as a division officer or receive one to two years of specialty training prior to reporting to an operational unit. Ensigns who become division officers are responsible for leading a group of petty officers and enlisted personnel in one of the ship's divisions (for example, engineering or navigation) while at the same time receiving on-the-job training in leadership, naval systems, programs and policies from enlisted sailors and other officers. Navy and Coast Guard ensigns wear collar insignia of a single gold bar and because of this share the nickname "butterbars" with Army, Air Force, and Marine Second Lieutenants, who wear similar insignia. Within the US Public Health Service, those wearing the rank of ensign are part of a commissioned officer student training and extern program (COSTEP), either junior, for those with more than a year remaining of education in a commissionable degree (JRCOSTEP), or senior, for those within one year of graduating with a commissionable degree (SRCOSTEP).[5] Some commissioned officers may hold a permanent rank of ensign based on their experience and education, but hold a temporary rank of lieutenant, junior grade.

Who is the highest ranking officer out of a petty officer second class and a master chief petty officer?

The Master Chief is senior to a PO2, or to any other "enlisted" rating. In theory, all petty officers - even Master Chiefs - are junior to commissioned officers. In practice, a Master Chief is senior to an Ensign or a Lieutenant Junior Grade. And as a full Lieutenant in the USN, I didn't give "orders" to a Master Chief; I persuaded him that this was what he wanted to do. And in general, NOBODY gives orders to a Master Chief Petty Officer in the US Navy. For the most part, he can see what needs to be done, and the good ones have already done it. A Lieutenant Commander can give "priorities" to the Master Chief; which jobs need to be done FIRST.

Who wore eagle on both side of the head gear during the Vietnam war?

The eagle can be worn for other military purposes for different uniforms, the brass head piece ornament for example. But for RANK purposes, the spread winged eagle is a Colonel (referred to as a "full bird" Colonel) in the US Army, US Marine Corps, and US Air Force. In the US Navy this very same insignia is a CAPTAIN. A USA, USAF, USMC Lieutenant Colonel rank insignia is a silver oak leaf. In the US Navy this same insignia is a COMMANDER. A USA, USAF, USMC Major rank insignia is a gold oak leaf. In the US Navy this same insignia is a LIEUTENANT COMMANDER. Two silver bars side by side (like a railroad track) is a Captain in the USA, USAF, USMC. But in the US Navy, this insignia is a LIEUTENANT. One silver bar is a 1st Lieutenant in the USA, USAF, USMC. Not in the Navy; in the Navy this silver bar means LIEUTENTANT JUNIOR GRADE; better known to most folks as LTjg. One gold bar is a 2nd Lieutenant in the USA, USAF, USMC. In the Navy, it's an ENSIGN.