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Why are Ford Crown Victorias widely used as police cars?

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The main reason, in addition to being big, powerful, and fast; is that the Crown Victoria is the last car built with a full frame construction. The body is attached to a frame, and not a unibody as most of today's cars are, where the body is integrated into a single unit with the chassis. This makes for truck like durability, the ability to take hard impacts and keep going. There is a solid frame that the body sits atop, that can take hard road and vehicle impacts, with minor damage, compared to a unibody car.

Power, room, price, dependability, handling, and the most important factor is RWD,(Rear Wheel Drive). Police want a large RWD vehicle. The choices are limited today. Because they're relatively reliable, durable, and cheap to maintain. That's the reason they're also widely used as taxis.

2009-07-13 21:13:09
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Q: Why are Ford Crown Victorias widely used as police cars?
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Does the Salt Lake City Police Dept drive Ford Crown Victorias?

Chevy Impala's

What year did ford stop making crown victorias?


How much is it to get a transmission rebuilt for ford crown victorias?

about $3000.00

Can a 1989 ford crown Victoria Transmission fit in a 1993 ford crown Victoria car?

No, the 1983 - 1992 Crown Victorias used the AOD transmission and the 1993-1994 Crown Victorias used the AODE transmission, so they would be different. Sorry!

Were can you get a ford Crown Victoria for 500 dollars?

Try, I said TRY. They may not have the car for $500, but usually are around $700-$1200. Go to a used military or police shop. They are refurbished repainted crown victorias. Police use those...

When was Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor created?

Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor was created in 1992.

Do Ford Crown Victorias come in standard?

Assuming you're referring to a standard (manual) transmission, the answer is no.

Why are there no more Crown Victorias Police Interceptors made?

While strong and reliable, the Crown Victoria's design dates all the way back to 1992 (the platform itself dates back to 1979) and was in serious need of updating. As such, Ford decided to phase out the Crown Vics altogether and replace them with a Police Interceptor version of the Taurus.

Will a 2007 ford crown Victoria police interceptor engine and transmission fit in a 98 ford crown Victoria police interceptor?


What year did they start putting PI heads on crown victorias?

I BELIEVE it was the 2001 model year that Ford started using the PI heads ( Performance Improved heads ) on the Ford Crown Victoria

Where can I find a used Ford Crown Victoria that has been retired from police use in Dallas, Texas?

Crown Victorias are often sold at police auctions. Usually these vehicles have been driven at least 150 thousand miles in a very short while. On the other hand Police vehicles do come with extremely durable engines, transmissions and suspensions designed to withstand heavy use.

What does CVI stand for in Crown Victoria ford?

CVI means nothing in the world of Ford Crown Victoria's but CVPI stands for "Crown Victoria Police Interceptor".

What size engine is in a Crown Victoria?

1992 and newer Ford Crown Victorias had the 4.6 liter ( 281 cubic inch ) Single Over Head Cam V8 engine

Will 2003 ford Crown Victoria police wheels fit on a 2001 Crown Victoria?


What would you spend on a used Ford Crown Victoria?

Crown victorias are a popular car often used by law enforcement in the past. Deciding what to pay for a used Crown Victoria depends on things like how old it is, how many miles it has and the condition.

What size battery does a 1998 ford Crown Victoria use?

For standard USA 4.6L Crown Victorias - Interstate lists the following: Mega-Tron Plus - 85 Months - 850 CCA (MTP-65)

What is the fuel capacity of a 2004 Ford Crown Victoria police interceptor?

For a 2004 Ford Crown Victoria : ( 71.9 litres / 19.0 U.S. gallons ,same as " civilian " version )

What is the most common vehicle used in the US for a police car?

Ford Crown Victoria.

What is American expression of panda car?

Our police cars are not black and white so they are just called 'police car' or 'cop car'. A: "the car can vary in its model. Some cop cars are mustangs, dodge chargers, ford expolrers, crown victorias, impalas, the malabu and traditionally the mustang 5.0. A slag term for police is 50, since back in the 80's they were commonly known to drive a 50 mustang. However, today most police will drive a crown Victoria or a impala depending on the funding for there district."

Why are ford crown Victorias cheap?

Crown Victorias are driven mostly by old people. Old people usually buy new cars. So, you can pick up an older Crown Vic that is in pretty good shape and at a low price because the is not much demand for them. My 1985 black 4 door crown vic I bought 1999 for $1800 In 2001 I had the engine rebuilt and she is still going strong. Best car I ever owned.

Can you tell me what size engine and Bhp was available in the 1995 Ford Crown Victoria Ploice Interceptor?


What kind of cars will police agencys use as a replacement for the Crown Victoria?

Ford is specifically replacing the Crown Victorias with Police Interceptor versions of the Taurus.Additional: Chrysler is also strongly pushing their Dodge brand as a replacement. (personal opinion: the roofline is too low).Strangely enough although I strongly suspect that GM must be in the competetive mix somewhere I'm not aware of any strong bid for the emergency vehicle market by them.

Fuel capacity for 2003 crown Victoria police interceptor?

For a 2003 Ford Crown Victoria : ( 71.9 litres / 19.0 U.S. gallons )

What is the oil capacity of a 2008 ford crown Victoria police interceptor engine?

6 quarts

What wouldr you spend on a used Ford Crown Victoria?

Ford Crown Victorias are a great car to own and are known to be very reliable. Depending on a the year the blue book price is on average five thousand dollars but can usually be picked up for anywhere for two to six thousand dollars at a dealer.