Why are People so Harsh to Gay people?

Its all about insecurities.

I don't feel good about myself, so at your expense I would "have a go" at you to make myself feel better. Its a short term solution to a long term problem. The "harshies" can have any issues ranging from family stress, to chronic fatigue from bad diet. But to be honest the most common factor is under education, or "ill" education. Bad habits are worse because once set they are difficult to change.

But don't this all get you down, as an intelligent individual you are capable ( and responsible) to make a difference in your world.

Just make sure if you are getting harshed out, don't become what you hate and become vindictive. Why you ask? Because its the reason you were harshed on in the first place. Just avoid these individuals, and if all else fails, talk to someone who is mature, responsible and has the power to make a difference. You would be surprised that the majority of people in the world have a live and let live approach and can be creative in their solutions, its reasons like these that motivate people to become better individuals.