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The nicknames "Elis"[7][8][9] (after Elihu Yale) and "Yalies"[10] are often used, both within and outside Yale, to refer to Yale students.

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Why are Yale students called Eil

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Q: Why are Yale students called Eli?
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Number of students at yale?

Eli is a nickname for a Yale University athlete (or student).

What are Cambridge students called?

Students from Yale are called yalies. What are cambridge students called?

Why are ivy league school grads called Eli?

Not just any ivy league school. Eli is a nickname for a Yale University student or graduate, after Yale benefactor Elihu Yale

What is the name for Yale alumni?


When did Eli Whitney go to yale?

Eli Whitney went to Yale from 1789 to 1792. Eli Whitney was the inventor of the cotton gin. He was born in 1765 and died in 1825.

Who began the first university?

The first university, Yale was founded by Eli Yale.

What year did Eli Whitney graduated from Yale?

He graduated from Yale College in 1792.

What college did Eli Whitney graduate from?


Where did Eli Whitney attend college?

Eli Whitney attended college at Yale.

Where did Eli Whitney go to school?

At Yale university

What is a three letter word for a Yale athlete?


What did Eli Whitney study at yale?

He studied Law

Where did Eli Whitney go to high school at?


What Eli Whitney studied at Yale University?

about lawyer

What is a 3 letter word for a yale athlete?


How many students does Yale University have?

Yale university has 12,495 students today February 26,2010

Yale University- How many students attend yale?


How many students graduated from Yale in 2007?

Practically all of them. Yale does not take students who are not likely to graduate.

How many students are currently enrolled at Yale University?

Yale University has a total student body of 12,223, of which 5,414 are undergraduate students, and 6,809 postgraduate students. Yale was founded in 1701.

What was Eli Whitney's major at yale?

I think he studied agriculture.

How many students attend Yale?

There are an estimated 11,875 students that attend Yale each year. Yale is one of the top colleges in the United States.

What do you call someone who went to yale?

A Yale University student or alumnus is known informally as either an Eli or a Yalie.

What are Yale students nicknamed?


Was Eli Whitney trained to be a farmer?

Eli Whitney was not trained to be a farmer. He graduated from Yale and became an inventor and manufacturer.

Where did Eli Whitney go to school at?

Yale College in new york