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IUCN: Endangered. Threatened by extinction. Probably the world population does not exceed 3,000-5,000. Many early colonial game administrators regarded wild dogs as little better than murderers and called for the species' extermination. Farmers, fearing the dogs might prey on livestock (which they seldom did), also wanted the dogs wiped out. A combination of outright persecution and habitat loss has nearly accomplished this goal. They also have natural predators like Lions and Hyenas, and Eagles may sometimes steal the young.
An African wild dog actually is endangered.

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African wild dogs are endangered because of a shrinking habitat and diseases spread by domestic animals.

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Q: Why are African wild dogs endangered?
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What year were African Wild Dogs placed on the endangered species list?

African Wild Dogs first appeared on the endangered species list in 1984.

When did The African Wild Dogs become endangered?


Are dogs endangered species?

There are no species of dogs which are endangered. This is wrong yes there is The African Wild Dog

What year were African wild dogs listed endangered?

* 1997 * 1997

What are the endangered species of the savanna?

cheetahs,asian elephant,wild African dogs

How many African wild dogs were there before they were endangered?

About 500,000 in 39 countries

How did African wild dogs become endangered?

the African Wild Dog became endangered because we took it habitat, and it is a hunted animal. Sometimes hunters kill them out of their own fear. African Wild dogs are also can be found as roadkill. Farmers also can kill them to protect their pets on the farm and also the farmers farm animals. This is how the African Wild dog has become endangered.

Are there dogs that are endangered dogspleas tell me because i need?

African wild dogs are the continent's most endangered predator.

How many African Wild Dogs were there before they became endangered?

About 500,000 in 39 countries

Are wild dogs endangered and why?

Domesticated dogs gone wild are not an endangered species, due to so many humans owning them. Although, if you are referring to African Wild Dogs, they are endangered for several reasons. The most important reasons are loss of natural habitat, human overpopulation, and too much hunting.

Are African wild dogs endangered?

Yes they are endangered. people hunt them for there fur sometimes... so please support them and help them<3

What is the African wild dogs climate?

what is african wild dogs climate is

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