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"less stable" in what way?

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Q: Why are agricultural fields often less stable than natural communitties in the same area?
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Why are agriculture fields less stable than natural communities in the same area?

Because plant diversity is way more limited in ag fields

Are atoms that exist naturally in th periodic table neutral or stable?

Some natural chemical elements are stable, some are not stable; all the artificial elmemets are unstable. Also be sure that several natural elements have stable and unstable isotopes.

What type of community is a stable community?

a natural community

What is natural transmutation?

Change from unstable to stable nucleus.

Is copper stable or unstable at its natural state?


Is carbon 13 unstable?

No, it is a natural stable isotope.

Is platinum stable or unstable in its natural state?

Platinum is highly stable. It is among the most inert elements.

What is the common agricultural policy?

1.The Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) is the agricultural policy of the European Union. Its main objectives are to ensure a fair standard of living for farmers and to provide a stable and safe food supply at affordable prices for consumers.

How does pollution affect our natural resources?

It takes away the healthy and stable environment for our natural resources to thrive in.

How did the agricultural revolution affect society?

The agricultural revolution created a stable food source that allowed societies to develop. Societies became more complex especially with art, religion, structure, government, and technology.

How many isotopes of gallium are there?

Natural gallium has 2 stable isotopes

What is the nuclear decay equation for Chromium?

Natural chromium is stable and does not decay/

How can you predict which elements are stable under natural conditions and which elements tend to undergo chemical reactions?

You can tell when they are stable because it depends n the number and arrangement of electrons in their atoms. An atom is chemically stable when its outermost energy level is filled. Most atoms are not stable in their natural stat. Thus, they tend to react, or combine with other atoms, in ways that make the atoms more stable.

What has the author R S Sengar written?

R. S. Sengar has written: 'Stable food production & sustainability agriculture' -- subject(s): Agricultural innovations, Sustainable agriculture, Agriculture, Agricultural productivity, Research

How can we predict which elements are stable under natural conditions and which elements tend to undergo chemical reactions?

Those with complete electron shells are stable.

Are regular isotopes originaly stable?

Some natural isotopes are stable or have half-lives greater than the age of the Universe. But other natural isotopes are radioactive and have finite half-lives. It all depends on the particular isotope.

Which 3 note of the major scale make up the most stable triad?

Tonic (1st), natural 3rd and natural 5th.

What are some common isotopes of silicon?

Natural isotopes of silicon are: 28Si - 92,23 % (stable) 29Si - 4,67 % (stable) 30Si - 3,1% (stable) 31Si - traces (radioactive, unstable) 32Si - traces (radioactive, unstable)

What is the angle of repose?

It is the natural maximum stable surface slope angle of a particulate medium.

What are the key preconditions to the industrial revolution?

stable government, money, product, natural resources.

What statement best describes bat populations in a stable ecosystem?

They are not limited by natural predators

Are the substances from number 12 isotopes why?

Carbon-12 is a natural and stable isotope of carbon.

Should horses be kept in a stable all day?

No. It is not healthy if the stable has not been mucked out, as they are living in their own faeces. Also, horses prefer to be out in the fields, running free, they should only be confined in their stables at night.

What animal lives in a stable?

In a natural setting, no animal would live in a stable. And if an animal had a choice, they would choose to live in a shed or out in the open rather than a stable. But in a domestic farm setting, horses and dairy cows are the ones that live in a stable.

Is germanium a stable element?

There are 4 stable natural isotopes of Ge: 70, 72, 73 , 74. 76Ge (also a natural isotope, 7,44 %) has longest half-life of all known radioisotopes as well. Of course, the artificial isotopes are unstable.