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High altitude aircraft need to pressurize their cabins (pack more air in) in order to offset the decreased air density (and consequently the decreased amount of oxygen in the air) at the higher altitudes so passengers and crew can continue to breathe without the need for supplimental oxygen. The way they do this is by compressing the outside air and forcing it into the aircraft cabin thereby increasing air density and oxygen concentration. The increased pressure of this compressed air can create a force against the inside of the aircraft cabin, and windows, of up to around 8 pounds per square inch (though some newer airplane designs, such as the Boeing 787, use a slightly higher level of pressurization). The greater the surface area of a window, the greater the force of the cabin air pressure pushing against it and, consequently, the greater the likelihood of breaking out a window. By decreasing the surface area of the window, aircraft designers decrease the possibility of rupturing a window and losing cabin pressure. Hope that helps. The size and shape of the windows can weaken the fuselage structure. The first British jet airliner, the de Havilland Comet, began to experience sudden crashes from high altitude. After many tests, the engineers discovered that the large windown with square corners could cause a fatigue crack to develope in the sharp corner of the window. Fatigue was an unknown science at that time. They redesigned the windows to make the smaller with large round corners and the aircraft didn't have any more dramatic crashes.

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Q: Why are airplane windows so small?
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Airplanes are often pressurized. A large window would be excessively difficult and expensive to make it strong enough to not blow out. So they use small windows on airplanes.

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What are the windows of airplane called?

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Why are airplane windows curved?

Why are airplane windows curved? A: This Q is about windows that are NOT flat. Usually curved windows are designed to fit the shape of the airplane so as make the airplane more aerodynamic and not be boxy. Why are airplane windows rounded on the corners? A: One of the first British jets began to crash for no reason. This airplane, the Comet, had large square windows. The investigation discovered that the airplane cracked open at the corners of the windows. This was about the time that engineers began to understand the phenomna of Fatigue. Their tests showed that the corners of the windows resulted in higher stresses and it fatigued the metal. They redeisgned the windows to be rounded and it reduced the stresses and no more planes crashed. Sharp corners in holes of any surface that is carrying a load will increase the stresses. If the corner is changed to a curved edge, then the stresses are lowered. Think of stress as a flow of forces and when it comes to a sharp corner, the flow can't go around the corner.

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Do airplane windows open?

Yes airplane windows open. On passenger jets most windows in the cabin are not designed to open. There are normally two windows in the flight deck that open. On small personal aircraft the windows are normally designed to be opened. Windows can be opened in flight as long as the cabin is not pressurized. Normally pressurization of the cabin happens in larger aircraft and above 10 000 feet where oxygen is not as plentiful as it is on the ground. When flying that high aircraft are normally pressurized and so that the conditions of hypoxia (lack of oxygen to the brain) do not affect the crew or passengers. Windows are not designed to be opened at high altitiudes and likely can not be opened due to the pressure asserted on the aircraft's frame. Small areas where air can escape from a pressurized cabin, such as a window, can have dire consequences if the difference in pressure inside and outside of the aircraft cause a rapid cabin decompression.

Why do are airplane windows are smaller than bus windows?

Aircraft windows need to resist severe air pressure changes and pressure differential.

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How do airplane windows keep out the cold?

The only way that heat can escape the warm cabin is to travel through something or radiate outward. Since the windows are so small, the radiation through the windows is minimized. But if you put your face to the window, you will feel that it is colder than the wall next to it. Heat is radiating outward, but it is very inefficient. Airplane windows are also multi-paned and therefore have a vacuum in the middle. That means that the heat cannot travel through the material of the window by means of conduction. It has to travel through the walls of the aircraft which have a very high R value or insulation rating.

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