Algae and Phycology

Why are algae producers?

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it is because other animals can eat off of it

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Is algae scavengers?

No , Algae are not scavengers . Algae are producers .

Are algae producers?

Yes, algae are producers... they are "the primary producers of the food chain Yes - algae are photosynthetic organisms this means they produce their own food using sunlight so they are producers.

Is golden algae a autotroph or a hetertroph?

algae are producers

What producers do worms eat?

Producers that they eat are algae

What are the producers in the mono lake?

planktonic algae and benthic algae

Is algae producers in a water ecosystems?

Algae are produers in water ecosystems

Is golden algae omnivores?

no they are producers

What are the producers in an aquarium?

algae and any other live plants are the producers.

What are two producers from the food web?

The two producers are: -Plants -Algae

What are the producers for the freshwater biome?


What producers live in rivers?


What are some producers in lakes?


What are examples of organism producers?


What are some producers in oceans?


What are producers in an aquarium?

Plants and algae.

What kinds of microorganisms are producers?


Is microscopic algae a primary or secondary consumer?

Microscopic algae are primary producers

What are the producers in the pelagic zone?

Algae and coral reef can be producers in the pelagic zone.

What are examples of producers in the ocean?

Algae, Seaweed

What are producers in lakes and oceans?

Algae Plants

Which organisms are producers in a fish tank?


What are some saltwater producers?

Kelp algae

Who are the main producers in the ecosystem?

Plants, algae, and blue-green algae depending on the ecosystem.

Algae tadpole or heron which is the decomposer?

the anwer is tadpole algae are producers heron are consumers

What are grassland biome primary producers?

Producers are organisms that use sunlight directly to make food. They do this by using a process called photosynthesis. Most producers are plants, but algae and some bacteria are also producers. Grasses are the main producers ina prairie ecosystem/grassland. Examples of other producers in other ecosystems inlcude cordgrass and algae in a salt marsh and trees in a forest. Algae are the main producers in the ocean. I hope this helps you out, :)