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This question is based on an incorrect supposition. Not all Mormons are liars; most Mormons are not liars.

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Q: Why are all Mormons liars and yet not all liars are Mormons?
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Yes, Mormons are the worst liars in the world. We're such bad liars because we lack experience. People who are better liars simply have more practice.

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Where do most Mormons live outside the US?

Of the 13,824,854 members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (the "Mormon" church) worldwide, 7,785,947 live outside the United States. That is, 56% of all baptised Mormons live outside the U.S. Nations with quite a few Mormons are: Canada 179,801 Mormons (1% of Mormons are Canadian, 0.5% of Canadians are Mormon) Samoa 69,224 Mormons (0.5% of Mormons, 39% of Samoans) Tonga 55,173 Mormons (0.5% of Mormons, 53% of Tongans) Mexico 1,197,573 Mormons (8.7% of Mormons, 1% of Mexicans) Guatemala 220,296 Mormons (1.6% of Mormons, 1.6% of Guatemalans) El Salvador 105,501 Mormons (0.8% of Mormons, 2% of El Salvadorians) Hondouras 136,408 Mormons (1% of Mormons, 2% of Hondourans) Brazil 1,102,674 Mormons (8% of Mormons, 0.6% of Brazilians) Chile 561,920 Mormons (4% of Mormons, 3.3% of Chileans) Peru 480,816 Mormons (3.5% of Mormons, 1.7% of Peruvians) Philippines 631,885 Mormons (4.6% of Mormons, 0.7% of all Philippinos) UK 186,082 Mormons (1.3% of Mormons, 0.3% of all UK) Australia 126,767 Mormons (0.9% of Mormons, 0.6% of Australians) New Zealand 100,962 Mormons (0.7% of Mormons, 2.4% of all New Zealanders) To compare, the United States has 6,038,907 Mormons. That's 44% of Mormons and 2% of all Americans. But you can find Mormons in nearly every nation of the World! The "Related Link" below has a great population statistics map related to Mormon Church membership.

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