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Q: Why are astronauts lighter on the moon than on earth?
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Are you on the moon heaver of lighter than on the moon?

An object is lighter on the moon because the moon is smaller and thus lighter than the Earth

Why do astronauts weigh less on the Moon than on the Earth?

the moon is smaller than earth, thus it has less gravity

You are you lighter on the moon or heavier?

Since the moon's mass (the amount of matter it contains) is smaller than earth's, the moon has a weaker gravity pull, only one-sixth the pull of earth. This means that everything is six times lighter on the moon than it is on earth. A person weighing 120 pounds on earth would weigh only 20 pounds on the moon. Because man is light enough to float on the moon, heavy weights have to be put into astronauts' moon-walking boots!

Why do astronauts weigh Less on moon than they do on earth?

Because the moon's gravity is approximately 1/6th of that on Earth.

Why are people lighter on the moon than on the earth?

the gravitational force of the earth is much stronger then on the moon. Also, a person is not "lighter". their mass is the same, it is the weight of the person. Weight is a unit of measurement. You are lighter on the moon than on earth because there is 1/6 less gravity.

Is your weight the same on earth as it is on the moon?

No. You are lighter on the moon than on earth, though your mass remains unchanged.

How is the moon unlike the earth?

Well the easiest thing to say is that the moon is smaller and lighter than earth.

Why is the weight of astronauts less than what they way on earth?

gravity is stronger on the earth cuz the earth is bigger that the moon :)>'

Do astronauts only go to the moon?

Nope, in fact no astronauts have gone to the moon since December, 1972. These days astronauts never get further than 150 or so miles above the Earth's surface.

How the astronauts able to see earth on the moon?

The astronauts on the moon were able to see the earth at all times, though not the same face of earth each time. Unlike on earth, from an observers fixed position, the moon would be in view between moon rise and moon set, only.

Do astronauts feel the moon rotating?

No more than you feel the Earth rotating. In fact, it takes the Moon about 27 times as long to rotate as the Earth takes.

Why doesnt the moon have enough gravity on it to pull us down?

It does. Astronauts on the moon can jump higher than they do on Earth but they still come back down. The moon's gravity is weaker than Earth's because the moon has less mass.