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Why are automobile loan rates higher than mortgage rates?

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Car loans are riskier than home loans. The car looses value from day one, is in danger of collision and theft and has a limited life span. In addition, the vehicle can 'disappear' in a hurry, leaving the lender holding the bag. Homes are not mobile, real estate traditionally increases in value and the loan is over a much longer period of time.

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What do home equity loan rates do?

Home equity loan rates are second or third mortgage. The loan rates are based on loan risk. The bank sets higher rates for higher risk borrowers and lower rates for lower risk borrowers.

Is there a difference between jumbo mortgage rates and the rates of a conventional mortgage?

A jumbo mortgage is a loan larger than the conventional mortgage limits. The rates of jumbo mortgages is typically 0.25% to 0.5% higher than traditional mortgage rates.

Where can one get automobile loan rates?

One can get automobile loan rates online at various websites. One can get automobile loan rates online at lender websites such as Bank of America, Capital One, and Chase.

Where can one compare rates for a home mortgage loan?

There are many places where one can compare rates for a home mortgage loan. One can compare rates for a home mortgage loan at popular on the web sources such as Bank Rate and Bank of America.

Are home equity loan rates the same as mortgage rates?

Home Equity loans are similar to Mortgages with a slight difference. The Home Equity loan is offered at a higher rate of interest than the normal mortgage ones because it is basically a refinance of the current loan.

What are the going rates if I want to refinance my va mortgage loan?

The rates to refinance a va mortgage loan varies. It depends on the mortgage company and the individual obtaining the mortgage. The rates for refinancing vary depending on a variety of factors. Your should talk to your mortgage company or a financial consultant to help in this endeavor.

Are mortgage rates higher in Colorado or California?

"As of August 28, 2001 mortgage rates in Colorado are averaging 3.81% for for a fixed 15 year loan, 4.44% for a fixed 30 year loan, and 3.25 for a 5/1 ARM. In California they are running 3.65%, 4.22%, and 3.20% respectively. So it seems mortgage rates are slightly lower in California at this time."

How do the rates for a jumbo refinance differ from a regular mortgage?

The biggest difference in a jumbo refinanced mortgage is that, as the name implies, it is larger than a regular mortgage. Typically lenders want a higher down payment and the rates are usually a bit higher with a jumbo loan because of closing costs incurred.

What are the mortgage rates for a condo?

Mortgage rates for a condominium will vary depending on the overall cost of the property, the down payment that is put down, and the interest rates that will apply to the loan. Although rates can be as low as 2%, interest rates for condominiums are generally higher than for single-family homes.

What are the interest rates for an FHA loan?

The interest rates for an FHA loan differ depending on the type of FHA mortgage, such as adjustable rate, fixed rate, energy efficient mortgage, graduated payment mortgage, etc.

What mortgage rates does Chase Mortgage offer?

Chase Mortgage offers competitive mortgage rates. You can complete a simple calculator and find your own personal rates. For example a 30 year fixed loan would be 4.625, a 15 year fixed loan would be 3.625, and so on.

Why are interest rates on a 2nd mortgage higher than on a primary mortgage?

A second mortgage is generally riskier for a lender because the second mortgage is subordinate to the primary loan. This means that if the loan defaults, the first mortgage is paid off first and the lender risks losing the money put up for the second mortgage. To cover the extra risk, there is a higher interest rate placed on the second mortage.

What are mortgage rates in Salem OR compared to other cities?

Mortgage rates in Salem, OR are 3.25% to 3.75% depending on the % of the downpayment and the amount of years the term will be the loan and if it is a 15 or 30 year fixed loan or a FHA loan.

Where can one find information regarding eloan mortgage rates?

E-Loan has a site which will provide more information regarding E-Loan mortgage rates. There are tools and calculators available which will help determine length of mortgages, as well as information on their mortgage rates.

How are home mortgage rates calculated?

Mortgage rates are calculated based on the 10-year Treasury bond. This mean that usually when bond rates go up so do interest rates and interest rates are part of what we pay when we pay our mortgage. Mortgage rates are also calculated based on how much of a loan we need to finance our home purchase. One will pay an interest rate on the loan amount.

Where can current home loan rates be compared?

One can compare the current home mortgage loan rates at the Canada Mortgage website. All major financial institutions are listed with interest rates for various terms listed.

What are the interest rates with a pnc mortgage?

For PNC mortgage, it will all depend on how much money you're paying. The more money you are taking (as a loan) the higher your overall intrest rate will become.

What is the average rate for a mortgage loan?

The average rate for a mortgage loan would depend on the rates for the day that you are inquiring. Rates may change on a daily basis. Today's average rate is 3.25%.

What does Thornburg Mortgage offer for loan rates?

Thornburg Mortgage offered competitive loan rates. The company is no longer in service after filing for bankruptcy in 2009. The company is now known as TMST, Inc.

What banks offer low home mortgage loan rates?

Banks that offer low home mortgage loan rates can be found by going to the banks themselves. Ask about the type of loan you need and They will provide you with an answer to make an easy decision.

How can you learn about quicken loan mortgage online?

Quicken loan have their own website which has a section on mortgage rates and includes a mortgage calculator. It also has a separate section on reverse mortgages.

Where could one find the lowest mortgage rates?

Mortgage rates will depend on several factors, including one's credit history, the size of one's loan, and the current interest rates. To find the best mortgage rates, one should contact various mortgage lenders.

What are some examples of Fixed Expenses?

Mortgage, Automobile loan, student load, insurance

Where could someone go to review home loan mortgage rates?

One can visit several different online websites to review home loan mortgage rates. Some of these include: Zillow, Refinance Mortgage Review, Canstar, and Rate Hub.

What banks are boasting they have the best mortgage loan rates?

The banks who are currently advertising that they have the best mortgage loan rates are Suntrust Bank, Wells Fargo, Capitol One, Citizens Bank, Chase and GTE Financial.