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In situations where a clear dose-response relationship exists for the drug in question, monitoring drug serum levels where there is a narrow therapeutic margin helps maintain the dose in a range where adequate therapeutic benefit is seen while avoiding toxic levels. Examples of this include Dilantin for seizures, and antibiotics like gentamicin or vancomycin.

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How could one control blood sugar?

Blood sugar can be controlled using medications, such as pump insulin, increasing exercise, adhering to a strict diet of low GI foods, monitoring consumption of sugary drinks and snacks, and by regularly checking your blood sugar levels.

How does a Diabetes monitor work?

This is a way to measure blood glucose levels using a drop of blood.

How can you determine your blood sugar levels?

You have to test your blood sugar levels by using a meter. This will tell you how high or low your blood sugar is and it is painless and only takes a minute or two.

Do you check your glucose levels?

Everyone with diabetes should check their glucose levels regularly. Using a blood glucose monitor to do SMBG testing can help control your blood sugar levels. and try to stay healthy.

Can medicinal cannabis help high blood pressure patients?

It is not a recognised treatment for high blood pressure. You would be better off using conventional and well studied medications. However, before using medications you should have tried to make lifestyle changes to help bring down your blood pressure. You can get more info via the related link.

What medications need to be stopped before having a tooth pulled?

The patient's use of drugs that thin the blood (anticoagulants). These medications include warfarin (Coumadin) and aspirin. The patient should stop using these medications for three days prior to extraction.

What is a sentence using the word coagulate?

His blood took longer to coagulate as his platelet levels were low.

What are the drug interactions associated with using witch hazel?

Not to be taken internally with blood thinners or medications containing alkaloids (atropine and codeine).

How do I test me blood sugar level to keep healthy?

Only if you have diabetes do you need to be checking your blood sugar levels. Consult with your doctor about their recommendations. The most popular test is done after pricking your finger and using a meter to determine your blood sugar levels.

What does insulin do to blood glucose levels?

Insulin is the hormone that tells the body to break down sugar in the blood for cellular absorption. Your body will try to maintain optimal blood sugar levels using your pancreas to produce insulin and glucagon. Insulin's effects will lower blood sugar and glucagon will raise it.

Is there any way to monitor blood sugar levels without using a needle to draw blood?

No, you can't monitor your blood sugar level without using lancets to draw your blood. But it isn't as bad as it once was, now many people can check it from blood on their arm instead of their fingers which is much less painful.

Is there a List of prescription Medications that can give you a false positive blood alcohol count?

No, however, im a phlebotomist and i can tell you if its a blood test, using isopropyl alcohol to prep the venipuncture sight should not be used if blood is used to test, otherwise no

What are the medications using for tracheostomy changing?

what are the medictions using for tracheostomy changing?

What are healthy blood sugar levels?

When operating normally, the body restores it's blood sugar level into a range between 4.4 to 6.1 mmol/L. This can be tested by using the fasting blood test.

Can famotidine 20 mg raise your blood sugar levels?

In a report of FDA, almost 1% of subjects investigated had reported high blood sugar while using famotidine.

Why are you Not getting fire to plugs on 2000 kia?

You will not get fire to the plugs on a 2000 Kia if the ignition coil is defective or it is not receiving power. This can be checked by using a multimeter to verify power levels at the coil.

What is the preparation for a vitamin test?

some may require that the patient fast for at least eight hours before giving a blood sample, or stop using some medications.

Where can you look up blood glucose levels?

One can check blood glucose levels by using a device that takes a droplet of blood and displays the level on a screen. There are several types of devices, or meters, that will give one their blood glucose level. To know what a normal or appropriate level should be, one should contact their doctor or consult with another physician.

How do you use a intoxication level of 0.00 in a sentence?

Though he acted confused, his blood intoxication level of 0.00 proved he had no alcohol.A blood intoxication level of 0.00 indicates there may be another cause for impairment. A person can have an intoxication level of 0.00 but be impaired from medications.

Can UTI be caused by certain medications?

Using topical genital medications may slightly increase the risk of UTI, but taking pills or shots of medications will not cause UTI.

What blood sugar levels are normal?

There are several ways to measure blood sugar levels, the most common of which is the fasting blood sugar test which is conducted after an eight-hour fast. Using this method, doctors consider a 70 to 100 mg/mL sugar level to be normal. However, some studies suggest that people whose blood sugar levels above 92 mg/mL to more likely be diagnosed with diabetes over the next ten years. Randomly, without fasting, blood sugar levels between 70 and 125 mg/mL are considered normal.

How are viruses treated?

Viruses can be treated using antiviral medications.

What medications cause weight loss?

Using HCG will help.

Is it possible for a pregnancy test to be wrong?

If you are using a home pregnancy test, it may be to early to tell if you are pregnant. Wait another week or have your blood levels checked to see if your pregnant. If you received a positive test, your probably pregnant, as the test tests if there is HCG in your system, and you only have this hormone in your system if your pregnant (unless you have some medical issue).

What's the best site to use to learn about good and bad cholesterol levels?

There are many sites you could use to learn about cholesterol levels. I like using the American Heart Association for reference. They explain the good and bad cholesterol levels the best. Your diet and your exercise contributes to your overall blood cholesterol levels.