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They are better because books dont give you a headache and they don't go completely black while your reading.

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Computers are better than books?

Since computers can contain books, the comparison is pointless.

Computer is better than books why?

Well person who asked this, in all reality, computers ARE NOT better than books.

Are computers better than books?

Yes, computers way better than books. We can learn lots of things from it. Especially from The INTERNET. Can do lots of things too. But it has some bads also. We can't say that it is not. Also, books do have bad...

Are Dell computers better than Phillip computers?

yes dell computers are better than phillip computers!

What makes human better than computers?

Humans are better than computers because humans create computers.

Are Dell computers better than Mac computers and why?

No, Dell computers aren't even better than other brands of PCs.

Why do books last longer than computers?

Books last longer than books because books are made with long lasting materials but computers can easily break down or lose internet.

Are computers better data processors than humans?

Are computers better data processors than humans

Are toshiba computers better than gateway computers?

way way way better dude

Are dell desktop computers better than gateway desktop computers?

It depends entirely on the computer. No brand is inherently better than another. Computers are the sum of their parts.

Is computer better than books in learning?

No books have better info.

Why books are better than computers?

books make the imagination of the reader work and cause less strain or stress for the eyes. you can take a book almost anywhere you wanna go and read it.

How are computers better than people?

Computers were made by people; I don't feel that they are better than us in any way. However, they are clearly better than people at many tasks.

How are computers better than teachers?

computers are better than teachers because they correct your mistakes. they have social networking . computers don't make errors but teachers . you can play play learning games which is much better than reading books and getting it . the textbook's information is copied from the computer . teachers have a habit of scolding and hitting which is very rare . actually teachers learn from computers. As [some people say] that if current is not there computers don't work but i think current is something that goes and come backs in 1minute so why worries ! computers can repeat , nowadays people are using computers more than than listining to teachers . so instead of going to school you can use information of computers and more . By, sushil

Are binder books better than exercise books?

yes binders are better

Are funny books better than boring books?

Funny books are better than boring books. If a book is boring why would you want to continue to read the book?

Is computers better than teachers?


Is television better than books?

Yes books are better than television because books are the guides of success for young ones to the future and the books have so many knowledge.

Will computers replace books?

It is unknown if computers will replace books in the future.

What are Rick Riordan's books?

If you are looking for his most popular books than i would recommen reading the Lost Hero series. It is better than the Percy Jackson books and are better books for reports.

What is better at giving information computers or books?

Both have their uses. It depends on the type of research you are doing.

Are books better than films?

yes! the books give more detail and better explanations for what is happening.

How computers are better than human beings in speed?

computers are better because they have only one and final answer but humans may vary in answers

Where are computers are better than human beings?

Landing on mars:)

Why are movies better than books?