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Why are both low beams quite dim and both hi-beams bright in 1995 Ford Contour when all ground connections and battery terminals are sound?


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2006-01-29 05:08:01
2006-01-29 05:08:01

Check the alternator. Check how many volts the car's electrical system is putting out. if it's under 14V, the alternator is in need of replacement or rebuilding. I'm rebuilding mine next weekend, the rebuild kit is around 40$ CAN.


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Proper battery connections could be at fault, how old is your battery? Check for loose and corroded terminals on your battery and starter connections. Also the starter might just be bad.

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You have a flat battery! Check that your batter terminals are connected

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Vaseline or grease can keep corrosive gas away from the metal connections, so they stay dependable.

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The function of battery terminals is to connect a load or charger to a cell battery. Battery terminals are necessary and common in a lot of batteries.

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Battery is dead or you have a bad solenoid. Connections at the solenoid and/or starter could be loose or corroded.

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