Why are boys considered being more important than girls?

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I've looked at and turned away from this question for several days. Today, boys should NOT be considered more important than girls. In fact, in the United States, great efforts have been made to elevate how girls think of themselves in school and work, especially in math and sciences. Great efforts have been made since the 1970s to equalize girls and women's positions in society, from grade school to workplace.

However, as other Experts pointed out, historically females were part of a husband's or father's possessions. That's why in the US girls did not go to school until the early 1800s, women could not vote, and females had very few rights even as old women. Feminism and "Women's Lib" did not start in the 1970s, but with our great-, great-great, and great-great-great grandmothers! They began laying the foundations for female equality with boys and men!

Boys are NOT more important than girls! In fact, without a woman giving birth, no males would exist.

Up through the 1980s-1990s (even then), many men would never have prospered in their careers without a woman at home taking care of children and the home. Today, though, women desire equal opportunities for schooling and work. Stay at home dads began closer to 1980s. Single fatherhood came soon after, and courts began more equality to men having sole custody of children if the mother worked----a backlash against women pursuing "it all", like men have done for centuries. No man ever lost custody over his children because HE wanted to work outside the home.

So while the US has certainly made great strides in equalizing male and female roles, we still have a distance to go before there is any true balance between gender roles. However, in many countries, girls and women have zero rights and live as if pre-1600s (compared to US history). Infant girls are killed at birth and women who just happen to get pregnant with a girl are shamed. In many countries female genocide is the norm, perpetrated by men, but also by women indoctrinated with this idea that girl babies are somehow second-class or useless to their country's society. In the same manner of indoctrination, older females submit young girls to female genital mutilation so they are forever maimed---not directly through men's actions, but indirectly through other women! That is a horror no female should ever be indoctrinated to think is "right" to do to another human being.

I repeat: Boys/men are NOT any more important than girls/women. Girls/Women are just as important as boys/men.
The simple answer is that men have the power and want to keep it to themselves.

Historically, most cultures have favored boys over girls. That tradition is a direct result of male dominated societies where women did not have any personal power or legal existence and were considered the property of their fathers, brothers and husbands. As long as men dominate, female infants are not valued except as property that can be worked, traded to be married off or sold to further mens goals and positions.

In some cultures female children were killed or left outside to die, exposed to predators and the elements. Exposure of female infants is still reported in remote areas of China, female fetuses are still aborted in China and misogyny still rules in many Asian, African and Arab cultures.
Well everyone is as important as the other person. The male and the female has different roles to play in life. And as such they expected to play complementing and supporting roles.
It's not really a matter of importance, it's mainly just a matter of traditions. Back in the day when gender equality was strife, and men worked whilst women stayed in the kitchens, it was quite an unequal time and men were seen more important than women, even now some people still view the world this way, which is why it's difficult for women to have the same rights as men, because parts of the world are unwilling to change.

Also in some third world countries, their stand has always been: 'Men come first, then women', which is why men are viewed as 'higher' than women.
  • Years ago even in Western society having baby boys were the preferred choice because they carried on the family name (blood line), while girls born would marry and change her name. Since the 1960's much has changed and many fathers often prefer having daughters to sons. Some young women that get married may keep their family name. Example: Jane Doe-Smith (the last surname would be that of her husband.)
Men are larger, stronger and have more physical endurance than women. In the past this meant they fought the battles -- hand to hand and sword & shield combat are physically demanding. For similar reasons they were the hunters. And, because of their size and strength they could physically dominate women. These characteristics don't mean as much in modern society but cultural mores are slow to change and it hasn't been a hundred years since we were an agrarian society and this is probably still be true in physical combat.
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