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Q: Why are cells of the intestine more permeable to water than some cells of the kidney tubule?
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Are the membranes in a dialysis machine permeable or selectively permeable?

The dialysis membrane is selectively permeable because it doesn't allow all cells to go through it. Think of it as a kidney. When blood is sent to the kidney, the blood cells cannot fit through the dialysis inside the kidney, but the waste and bacteria in the cells do. So, The dialysis membrane is selectively permeable.

Which are the insulin independent cells?

Brain cells, red blood cells, intestine, kidney, cornea, liver.

2 examples of partially permeable membranes?

The cell membrane of animal cells and the loop of henle in the kidney ..

How are proximal convoluted tubule cells similar to enterocytes of the small intestine?

They both act as to absorb water, salts, urea, vitamins and phosphates.

What types of cells make up the kidneys?

The kidney has many different cellular structures. The kidney's blood supply is formed by endothelial cells, myoepithelial cells, pericytes, and smooth muscle cells. There is also connective tissue within the kidney so you will find fibroblasts. Within the hilum of the kidney you can find adipose tissue so therefore you will find adipoctes. Then you have the kidney parenchyma. Within the glomerulus you will find bowman's capsule epithelial cells, mesangial cells, and podocytes. Right outside the glomerulus there are juxtaglomerular cells adjacent to the macula densa cells within the distal convoluted tubule of the kidney.(These cells function as sensors and control kidney activity) You will also find renal tubular cells which change from the proximal convoluted tubule, descending limb of the loop of henle, ascending thin limb of the loop of henle, thick ascending limb, distal convoluted tubule and then into the medullary collecting ducts. In these ducts you have two types of cells principal cells and intercalated cells. Then as you follow the formation of urine into the minor calyx of the kidney you begin to see transitional epithelial cells. In terms of embryonic origin the ureteric bud(derived from endoderm) gives rise to the cells from the bladder up to the collecting duct system of the kidney. The rest of the kidney comes from the metanephros(a mesodermic derivative).

Are plant cells partially permeable?

Yes, plant cells are partially permeable but the correct term is "plant cells are selectively permeable"

Do all cells have a membrane?

Cells have impermeable, permeable and selectively permeable membranes.

What is selectivly permeable in plant and animal cells?

Plant cells have selectively permeable cell walls and animal cells have selectively permeable cell membranes

True or False The kidney is composed of two blood filtering units called nephrons?

Tiny cells in the kidneys called nephrons filter the blood, they are composed of the glomerulus and the tubule. You have thousands of nephrons in each kidney.

The presence of large numbers of mitochondria in the tubule cells of nephrons suggests that the transport of materials into and out of the tubule cells requires?

lol, ms. query

ARE THE lumen surfaces of the tubule cells within the proximal convoluted tubule are covered with micro villi?


What are some permeable cells?

Well...I am not sure about the specific cells like spleen cells and such, but I know for a fact that a cell membrane is permeable.

What do kidney cells do?

Kidney cells cleanse the blood.

What structural modification of certain tubule cells enhances their ability to reabsorb substances from the filtrate?

I'm assuming that the filtrate refered to is that of Bowman's capsule in the kidney. If so then ... The cuboidal cells of the proximal convoluted tubule have long microvilli (brush border) on their apical (inside) surface that dramatically increase the surface area for reabsorption from the filtrate.

Which parts of the renal tubule is formed by cuboidal epithelial cells bordered by dense microvilli?

Proximal Convoluted Tubule

what kidney cells perform a secretary function?

Nephrons are the basic unit of the kidney that produce urine. Their processes involve filtration, reabsorption and secretion in different places. The main part of the nephron that is involved with secretion is the Distal Convoluted Tubule (DCT). There is very little secretion in the Proximal Convoluted Tubule (PCT). Usually when you refer to secretion in the nephron, it will be in the DCT.

Is the cell membrane permeable in animal cells?

It is selectively permeable, which means that it is permeable to some substances, but not others.

What do macula densa cells respond to?

changes in pressure in the tubule

Which cells that are most affected by ADH?

distal convoluting tubule

What are the main cells in the human kidney?

mechanism of main cells in a kidney?

Is it true that lumen surfaces of the tubule cells within the proximal convoluted tubule ae covered with microvilli?

yes, it's true

What kind of membranes do cells have?

selectively permeable

Cells have selectively what membranes?

Selectively permeable.

What forms cells membrane?

Permeable layer

Why isn't glucose normally found in urine?

Because the glucose cell is too big to normally fit through the pores of the capillaries in the section of the kidney where filtration takes place. is reabsorbed by the tubule cells