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Why are churches important to Christians?


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May 07, 2012 10:16AM

its where they go to "refuel". they can do so many things at church. they can fellowship with other christians after living in a non-christian world for a week. they can listen to the pastor tell them somthing new about God that they hadn't thought about. christians also often get help from people in their church in their times of need. like if your spouse just died and your having a hard time getting used to it, the church will have someone bring supper to your house so you dont have to make it. It is also where people go on pilgrimages to see something sacred and also to see art work in the stain glass windows.All the features in a Church are important, because they let people express their deotion to God. They are also important so people can be forgiven by God. The objects in the Church are almost more important than the actual church itself