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Most of America watches the Super Bowl so putting a commercial out on a national level is going to reach more American than at any other moment on TV so they want to make more people watch their commercials so they get more business

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How much are the super bowl ads?

$100,000 per second.

How much are ads for Super Bowl?

ten thousand dollars

What ads were on the the 2008 Super Bowl?

Go to this link to see the 2008 super bowl ads

Why types of ads are commonly shown during the super bowl?

NFL ads

Who is responsible for financing the Super Bowl?

commercials, ads...

What is the main reason for a such a promotion of the super bowl?

Promoting a Super Bowl and airing ads is giving advertising and marketing to a large audience. Many Super Bowl Ads cost millions of dollars because of the amount of traffic and viewers that will see it.

What computer was introduced in the 1984 Super Bowl ads?


How many alcohol ads played at super bowl?


How much does a commercial cost in Super Bowl XLV?

A 30-second ad in Super Bowl XLV (2011) on CBS costs between $2.5 million and $2.8 million. The record cost for a Super Bowl commercial was during the 2010 Super Bowl on NBC, when ads averaged $3 million a piece.

How many ads for alcohol aired during the super bowl?


Who decides what order the ads air during the Super Bowl?

The broadcaster has the commercial slots listed by the price. The earlier commercials are more expensive. The companies pay per slot - so its a mutual decision between the broadcaster and the companies.

How much did NBC sell their advertising space for this year for the entire Super Bowl in 2009?

The average cost per 30 second advertisement for the Super Bowl in 2009 was $3,000,000. There were 67 spots for national ads in that game according to NBC.

What were the best Super Bowl ads for 2008?

according to Super Bowl, the top three were the Coca-Cola ad, The Budweiser budwhisperer ad and the Victoria Secrets ad.

What makes advertisers want to put their ads on the super bowl?

because of all the people who tune in

Where can you watch Super Bowl 43 ads online?

You can watch all the 2009 Super Bowl 43 ad online on or YouTube. Just click on the Related links below.

How do advertisers create buzz about their ads even before the super bowl is broadcast?

Advertisers will typically hype their Super Bowl commercials beforehand by putting out press releases and such. ChaCha! by. viral patel

Why don't marching bands perform the Super Bowl halftime show?

There is not enough interest for advertisers - and ads pay the bills for the broadcast.

What are the release dates for The Now - 2012 7 Vintage Commercials That Make Today's Super Bowl Ads Seem Tame 2-9?

The Now - 2012 7 Vintage Commercials That Make Today's Super Bowl Ads Seem Tame 2-9 was released on: USA: 29 January 2013

Where would you see Roman numerals?

Books, clocks, note taking systems, Super Bowl ads, paper money, lots of places.

Why are Super Bowl ads be described as a major popular culture event?

so people would watch it because it is the most important thing in football history.

Why do advertisers refer to the Super Bowl as the Big Game in their ads?

The term 'Super Bowl' has been trademarked by the NFL. This means that a person or company cannot use the term 'Super Bowl' to advertise or sell their product without the consent of the NFL. This consent comes by paying the NFL a fee for the right to use the term 'Super Bowl' in their advertising. For example, when a person or company is advertising/selling a television they are not allowed to say or write something like "The Super Bowl will look great on this TV" unless they have paid the NFL for the right to use the term 'Super Bowl'. But they can say "The Big Game will look great on this TV" and the NFL can do nothing about it. Most folks understand that 'Big Game' and 'Super Bowl' are one in the same. This restriction is not carried over to the news or talk shows. Sportscasters may use the term 'Super Bowl' without fear of repercussion from the NFL since they are not attempting to sell a product or service.

The 2000 Super Bowl was the high-water mark for oddball dot-com ads Whose ad featured cowboys herding cats?


How much does a 30 second commercial during the Super Bowl cost?

According to CBS, who is broadcasting the game, 30-second spots are being sold for $2.5 to $2.8 million each. In 2009, NBC charged up to $3 million for 30-second ads. This does not include the cost of production and actor's pay. The Super Bowl has always been associated with high profile advertising. In 1995, a 30-second commercial cost around $1 million. See related links for more information on Super Bowl advertising.

Why do you get ads when you type in a question?

Companies pay to put their ads there in the knowledge that many people use this website and will therefore will see their ads.

How do you earn through Adsense?

Ads get put on your website or videos if it they attract a lot of views. If people click on the ad, you get some money. It can be a very small amount. The companies that put ads on decide on how much they pay. Some ads pay more than others. If a site gets a lot of hits, it will attract more ads and bigger ads and more expensive ads. If a site does not get many hits, then it won't get many ads.