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Because the animals were made to live in these conditions, whereas a steel submarine is a man-made object and not designed to live in these extreme depths. More Crabs and other deep-sea creatures have no air spaces in their bodies. What causes a submarine to implode at great depth is the difference in pressure on the inside and outside of the structure. Even a typical ocean fish (not a man-made object) would die at great depth because its swim bladder would be compressed. A creature with no air spaces in its body has incompressible water inside, and so it is not compressed by the pressure of the deep sea. Note that Scuba equipment allows the pressure inside a diver's lungs to equal that of the water outside, but this has its limits: * At great pressure, a mammal's blood (including that of a human) absorbs far more gas than it does at sea level, and the gases we normally breathe nitrogen and oxygen become toxic in such high concentrations. Deep-sea animals do not have this problem because they are not breathing air, but only the oxygen dissolved in sea water, which is sparse at great depths. * At extreme depths, the pressure of the water would be greater even than the air pressure inside a typical scuba tank.

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What Canadian animals are affected by global warming?

Polar bears are being affected by the reduction of their habitat, the sea ice. Other animals may be being affected, but there is not enough data to be certain yet.

What animals are not affected by bufotoxin?

Meat ants, opossums, hog-nosed snake, certain type of caiman.

How did the location of the glaciers affect the movement of people and animals?

The location of the glaciers affected the movement of people and animals by blocking them. They could not get to certain areas due to these glaciers.

What are food chains and what is their purpose?

Food chains are a list of animals with who eats who. Their purpose is to show you witch animals eat witch it is very important because if certain animals die out you will know witch the animals will be affected.

Can animals predict the weather?

Certain animals can and certain animals can't.

What is an example of how animals are affected by magnetism?

There are turtles that can sense a certain direction, and scientists think it's because the turtles have built-in magnets.

What were the animals completely certain of?

the animals were completely certain of that they are happy.

Do animals have immunity to viruses true or false?

False. Some viruses can still affect any animal. Some animals are immune to certain virus. It really depends on the animal, some are affected, and some arnt.

Can Acetic acid be a solid?

Yes, at certain temperatures and pressures acetic acid is a solid.

How are animals a natural wealth?

Animals are natural wealth in many ways... * Certain animals give milk to us. *Certain animal's meat consumes by many people. *The fur of certain animals are used for making blankets etc. *In ayurvedic division of medicine, certain medicinal formulae are made out of various part of certain animals. * Certain animals are used for transportation purposes. * Certain animals are the best friends of human being. * Animals like camel are the best source of wealth in regions like deserts. *

How are species affected by forest fires?

A certain species (of animals or plants) may live only in that forest and if it burns down they are killed or have no where to live. Or a certain animal species's food supply is in said forest then they have nothing to eat.

Can there be tropism in animals?

Its possible, but only certain forms of tropism may affect certain animals.

How are shops affected with recycling?

Cantamination of certain products

How many towns were affected by mount vesuviu's eruption in 79?

There were four towns that we know for certain that were affected by Vesuvius. They were Pompeii, Herculaneum, Oplontis and Stabiae. There was also another town nearby called Nuceria, which may have been affected.

Can animals get scurvy?

animals can synthesize their own vitamin C.Although certain animals can not and therefore can suffer Scurvy. Such animals would include Guinea Pigs and certain Primates.

What do you mean by sonar?

It stands for Sound Navigation and Ranging. It is used underwater as a means of navigation. Used by certain ships like submarines, also used by certain marine animals like dolphins. A sound wave is produced by the dolphin and the dolphin can then listen for the return echo, This echo allows the animal to determine distances and underwater features.

What would happen if a certain population of animals died out of the food web?

Then the whole food web would be thrown off balance. If a certain population of animals died then the predators that would prey on them would probably die of hunger, and the animals that would be prayed on by thepopulation of animals that died out would over poplate and use up there food resources and die of starvation. Short answer :A the whole foodchain would be affected in a bad way.It would be out of balance.

Changing solid to a gas?

Under certain circumstances - certain temperatures and pressures, depending on the material - a material chan change directly from solid to a gas. That is called sublimation.

What is evidence of high temperatures bellow earth's surface?

because metamorphic rocks transform at certain temperatures and pressures and knowing this we can gauge how hot it is a certain depth in the earth.

Why do certain animals have tails?

for balance

How do humans produce animals with certain desirable characteristic?

Humans produce animals with certain desirable characteristics through selective breeding.

Do all animals reproduce at breeding season?

Not all, because WE are animals and we don't have a certain time to breed. Some animals do not have a certain day, either. Some try and are unsuccessful.

Is there a certain race that is affected more with AIDS?

American and Hispanic males.

What organisms are able to live in harsh extreme environments?

Certain animals like penguins live in Antartica Certain animals live in the desert

Animals that live in a area are called?

FAUNA are the animals that live in a certain area

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