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Look around your house for a bees' nest. Pay particular attention to the roof space.

AnswerA window might have been left open or a few snuck in unnoticed when someone entered. There might be a hole someplace in the attic where bees could enter. After the bees entered they probably couldn't find food and died of starvation.


Because your nasty and they are attracted to nastiness

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Q: Why are dead bees in the house?
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What is the meaning when you find 36 dead bees inside your home?

Ur house is dirty

Why would you suddenly have over 100 lethargic and dying bees by one window inside the house?

The bees have somehow managed to get into your house and have tried to get out again by the (presumably closed) window. They would eventually starve and what you have found is dead and dying bees.

When was Dead Bees records created?

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What you call the house of the bees?

the house of the bees is called a hive.

When was Dead Bees on a Cake created?

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What does it mean when bees come to your house?

Good luck.

Why are there bees sleeping on the outside of your tree and house?

Because bees sleep in nature; since the outside of your house is exposed, then the bees call it "home"

Can bees sting when they are dead?

Yes and No because girl bees can only sting

Do bees play dead to sting you?

No. Bees only sting when they are in an agitated state.

Will bees eat dead frogs?


What is the role of a mortician bee?

Mortician bees remove the dead. It is the job of the mortician bee to keep the hive clear of dead bees.

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What do mortician bees do?

They make sure the hive is clean. They also sweep out the dead bees.

What kind of creatures does an apiary house?

Bees A place where bees are kept.

What is house of bees?


Is a yellow jacket bee herbivore or carnivore?

They are Carnivores. Since im a beekeeper i see them flying around the beehives picking up the dead honey bees that are laying in front of the hive on the ground! The house bees will carry the dead bees out the front door and the yellow jackets, wasps etc will carry them off! That's just nature at its finiest!

What is the name of honey bees house?

wax house

What could be making the terrible smell under the house which is not a dead animal not sewage but a sulfur like strong onerwhelming dirt smell?

It is probably a dead shark. I had this problem so i went under my house and found a rotting bees nest. If you have ever been to hanmer springs in new zealand, there are hot springs there which have a strong sulphuric smell. There are also thousands of bees there. While the bees do not cause the smell, they certainly make it worse. Look for any traces of bees under and around your house and spray contaminated area/s with water and sodium bicarbonate, which will neutralise the smell.

Are honey bees attracted to dead carcasses?


Do bees eat rats when rats are dead?


What do you call 15 bumble bees in a beer bottle?

dead bees in a bottle. A real hummer.

How much of a threat are bees in the house to your two-month old daughter if occasionally you find bees in your house and most often they are dead but recently one was flying around?

Me personally I wouldn't let a bee near a young baby, in case he/she is allergic, I just wouldn't risk it at all. And the dead ones who's to say it hasn't already bit someone??

What does a bees house called?


What is the name of bees house?


Get rid of ground bees?

Throw Sevin dust into the hole. The bees will be dead within 24 hours.