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It is text-speak for "canines" which is from the Latin word "canis", meaning "dog".

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Q: Why are dogs called K-9s?
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Are all dogs k9s?

Yes all dogs are K9s.

Why do people call dogs K9s?

K9 = Kaynine = Canine

Why do most pits have bigger fangs?

All dogs from the Moloser family has the same size and dogs don't have fangs they have solid k9s.

What are the kinds of vertebrate animals?

There are too many to list, but a few would be humans, k9s (dogs/wolves), lizards, birds, cats, and fish.

How much is a tiger stripe pit bull?

That color is called brindle. You have to look for k9s to find about the prices or adopt one.

What are some really cute dog walking business names?

Jogs for Dogs Running with the K9s The 4 Legged Strut Strut Your Mutt

If dogs are named k9s what are cats called?

If a dog-like animal is a canine then a cat-like animal is a feline.(Those words are taken from Latin, the original language used by the ancient Romans.)

Why are dogs called dogs and not cats?

Beacuse dogs look better called dogs than dogs called cats.

Carnivores are most likely to have what kind of teeth?

really sharp k9s

Are all dogs affected by grapes?

In a word, "Yes". One grape is not going to kill a medium-sized to large dog. Feed them as treats regularly and your either going to have huge Vet bills or bury your pet. DON'T feed dogs grapes. (Trained Helping / K9s / and War Dogs 30+ years).

Is it normal for a baby K9s teeth to be sharp?

yes it is, but be carful they can be very sharp

Were there war animals during the Vietnam war?

Man's best friend was in Vietnam; over 5,000 of them. 3,747 of whom were documented. Approximately 73 US servicemen assigned as dog handlers and 43 war dogs were killed in Vietnam. US military K9s were officially classified as military working dogs in Vietnam.

Why are adult dogs called dogs and baby dogs are called puppies?

The same reason people are called adults and babies

What do they call guide dogs in America?

They're called guide dogs. Dogs trained by the Seeing Eye in New Jersey are called either "Seeing Eye" dogs or guide dogs. All other guide dogs are simply called "guide dogs."

What is a group of dogs called?

A group of dogs is called a kennel, pack (wild dogs), or litter (pups from one mother)A pack of dogs.

What is a group of wild dogs called?

A group of wild dogs is called a pack

What are cross breeds of dogs called?

They are called hybrid dogs or mixed breeds

What are baby prairie dogs called?

Baby prairie dogs are called pups.

What is called a pack of dogs?

A group of dogs is a pack of dogs.

What is a group of dogs that pull a sled called?

A group of sled dogs is called a "Team" of sled dogs.

What are wenier dogs called?

Dachshund dogs.

What is a family of dogs called?

A Pack of dogs

What is it called when you are afraid of dogs?

phobia of dogs

What are pippa funnell's dogs called?

Her dogs are called Mouse,Zippy,Weasel and Tom

What is a population of dogs called?

A population of dogs is a pack of dogs.