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You might have used another user account for installing the software. Some software sets the shortcuts for the user that is logged in when the program is installed. So afterwards, when using another account to login, these shortcuts are not within the startmenue. Try searching the folder "c:\Documents and settings"...

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Q: Why are drive C missing on windows explorer?
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How do you move something from the c drive to the e drive?

If you have two explorer windows open, one for the c drive and one for the e drive, just highlight all the files you want to transfer and drag them over the the e drive window.

Can you assume that the boot files in the root directory of drive c are missing or corrupted if you can boot to the windows desktop?

Yes you can.

How do you find windows explorer on your Microsoft Windows 95 software?

The program for Windows Explorer, explorer.exe, should be located in C:\Windows\System32.

What is C windows?

C:\ is the name of the main hard drive for Windows C:\WINDOWS is windows' main directory

How do you browse a disk using windows explorer?

To browse a disk in Windows Explorer, first open My Computer. Then, click on the disk one would like to examine. More often than not, this is the C: drive on a computer. Double click on the drive to see the contents of the disk.

How do you replace a missing file?

Put your windows disk in the CD drive and the system should boot from the CD drive. Or from the dos command line enter the following command say your CD drive is "d" and your hard drive is "c". expand d:\i386\command.nt_ c:\windows\system32\command.ntfor windows xp or ntexpand d:\i386\command.co_ c:\windows\system32\ for rest of windows ver.

How do you reinstall missing file shdocvwdll?

You can do a search for shdocvw.dll on the internet, download that file, and save it into the c:\windows\system folder, OR you can install Internet Explorer 5+, or you can reinstall the network components bundled with Windows.

You know that windows will be installed in the c drive windows folder what is the path to the answer file?


How do you open the windows explorer?

Start - My Computer - Local Disk C and explorer opens with content of local disk C

How can you tell how many partitions your hard drive has?

If the computer has a windows operating system and the hard disk has more than one partition, My Computer or Windows Explorer will show each partition as a local drive. For instance, if you have two partitions, My Computer or Windows Explorer will show partition #1 as Local drive c:\, and partition #2 as local drive d:\, and will bump the CD or DVD drive to the next available letter, in this case e:\, and so on.

What does the C drive do on your computer?

That depends on how many drives or virtual drives you have on your computer. Mainly the C: drive has Windows on it, if you only have a C: drive all your information and programs go here, but if you have multiple drives C: drive should be mainly for your Windows operating system.

Which Windows hard drive partition is referred to as the C drive?

The C drive in Windows Operating System is the partition on which the OS is installed. It also contains installation files for other programs.

What is the hard drive represented as in the windows operating system?

the c drive

Where is the firewall typically stored?

if its windows then its a windows file, probably in the c drive

Where do you find your copy of windows on your hard drive?

It is normally installed to C DRIVE.

What is the C drive used for?

Drive 'c' is the hard drive that the operating systems (Windows XP/ Vista/ Win 7 etc) is stored.

What is a C Drive?

C: Drive is the main drive within your PC and the most important. It holds all of your PC's folders and information, it is set as the C: drive automatically when you first install windows. Some of the folders it contains are, Documents and Settings Program files WINDOWS

Where do computer details get stored on the C drive?


How can you delete temp internet files?

Simplest way in Internet Explorer is go into Tools/Internet options/general and delete files. Aletrnatively use Windows explorer (Accessories) to go into the folder in your C drive TEMP and delete them manually.

What drive is the letter C usually reserved for in Windows?

The first hard drive or partition.

Where are the location of bootini file in windows xp?

it is in c drive.

How do you format drive c when drive can't be locked?

you can't format the drive that you're running windows from while in windows. use the setup disk to run a recovery console and you should be able to format it from there using format c:

What's an A drive and a C drive?

The letter used by Windows XP (ie a, b, c, d, e etc) is essentially a reference. By default, letters 'a' and 'b' are floppy drives and drive 'c' is the hard drive that the operating systems (Windows XP in this case) is stored. The other letters are used whenever Windows XP detects another drive. if you have a CD/DVD drive in your computer it is liekly to be displayed as drive 'd'.

What computer drive is Windows normally installed on?

Usually Windows is installed on the C:/ drive of your compuer. Press WINLOGO+E to see your hard drives

Why os is stored in c drive only?

C:\ is just usually the default drive for Windows to be installed on. It can be called any letter, though.