Why are ducks awesome?

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"Why_Ducks_are_Awesome" id="Why_Ducks_are_Awesome">Why Ducks are


"Ducks_own_all_living_species_on_earth!" id=

"Ducks_own_all_living_species_on_earth!">Ducks own all living

species on earth!

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  • They can navigate from the northern hemisphere to the southern

    hemisphere in migration every year and return to the same place

    every time.

Why Ducks Are Awesome

Ducks have feathers and quack. They are Awesome because they

are. And baby ducks are cute, so, yeah.

because they quack!! yea ducks!!!


Because if you don't duck, chances are it's really going to


Because my best friend's nickname is Ducklady.

Ducks make you laugh no matter how sad you are. They are

industrious and inquisitive. They can be very loving and

affectionate if you are bonded. Their smell is a restorative. They

are soft and cuddly. And they stay together no matter what.

After studying ducks for the past four years the only reason I

can think why ducks are awesome is because they are everything the

human species is not. They are family orientated, they take care of

each other, they are resourceful, they don't let trival things

bother them. They are not into power or money.They except even the

strangest looking of their breatheren as their own, they will raise

anothers children if something happens to the couple...I have

learned and become a better person for studying ducks than I ever

would if I had gone into human psychology. I would rather have a

duck as a friend, ANYDAY, compared to a human.

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