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Enzymes are a type of protein.

Without them, reactions would be so slow it would kill a living organism.

They play a big part in digestion and they have a lot to do with Protiens.

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Biology is the study of living organisms .. bio means living organisms and logy means study so that biology is the study of living organisms or things .

All enzymes, the metabolic workers of the cell, are protein. Structures, such as cytoskeletons, are protein. Integrin proteins that span the cell membrane and do the work of transport across this membrane are protein, generally. So, with out protein there would be no living organisms.

yes you could say all living things hace a life span even bacteria they are "born" grow and die so it is a life cycle

organisms need a living space so that they can reproduce and protect themselves

Enzymes are found in all living things - they are the catalysts for most biochemical reactions - so all foods that are living will have enzymes. Once they have been cooked or preserved the enzymes will have denatured and no longer be present.

Since enzymes, being proteins, do not fit the definition of living organisms, they do not respire. That having been said, enzymes do indeed play a vital role in the process of both aerobic and anaerobic cellular respiration. They are not alive and so do not respire, but respiration could not occur without their help.

You and I are living things and so we are living organisms. Dogs and cats, fleas, worms, birds, mushrooms, and bacteria are all living organisms.

Enzymes are needed to lower the activation energy so that the reaction can occur at temperatures at which living things can survive.

so that living things have a better life span of living

because a plant is a organisms and it is also a living things. a living thing have micro-organisms, and so do all the things around us.

An organism is a living thing. Candles are not alive, so they are not organisms.

That is because water is a universal solvent and essential for living. Its believed that all life form evolved from water, so water is the origin of organisms existence.

Plants plays an essential role in our dailylife. There is no anything which we can made without plants, including oxygen, food and everything depends on plants. Living organisms cant survive without plant. So plants are essential.

The definition of organism is, living or once living. So there can't be a nonliving organisms because you have to be alive to be an organism.

It is important to living organisms because organisms make the carbon and we need the carbon in factors to make gas for our cars.

every living organism is made up of cells, so cell is the basic building block of living organisms.

They are an essential part of all living organisms because they defend the body from foreign invaders (antigens) by immobilizing them so that they can be destroyed by white blood cells.

Biology is defined as the study of living organisms. So practically anything that relates to living organisms can be considered biology.

so that life can continue

Yes, but not just plants are organisms. Organisms are allliving things, so plants are organisms.

Living organisms crawl into the cracks and as their family grows so does the crack until the rock splits

the climate affects the living organism cause climate is what organisms live in so without it organisms will die

There is no microorganism involved in the making of tofu. It is soy milk curdled with basically what amounts to seawater. Other coagulants such as enzymes have been tested recently, but they are not traditionally used in tofu making, and enzymes are biological molecules but non-living organisms, so they wouldn't qualify as microbes.

Most enzymes will only work at a specific pH range. A buffer will keep the pH around the enzyme from leaving this range.

Enzymes are inside our cells in our body, they are meant there so we won't be sick and feel terrible, not only us but the cells protecting the enzymes are protecting us so we won't feel terrible, but it depends on how you help your body, the cells, and the enzymes.