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Experiments which can be proven in court to be defined as "abuse" ARE illegal in the US. One of the main problems of this question is the rather broad definition of the word "experiment". If you have ever witnessed someone placing a mouse in a maze with a piece of food at the end, you have witnessed an animal experiment. Should this be illegal? The problem lies in where the line between a "harmless" test and a grossly harmful, permanently damaging experiment lies. Until US legislation can catch up to this issue, some experimentation will probably continue.

And it is wrong to be tested on animals

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The answer to this is the life of a human is often considered more than the life of a animal. So when testing potentially harmful medicines which have not yet been tested animal testing will commence before being tested on humans as a sort of safety net to minimise the risk of harming the human... If you disagree with this answer because of morals do not delete it as this is the correct answer like it or not. It also depends on the different kind of experiments that are being placed on the animal, if there is no risks involved and is safe usually there can be testing but it would be in a different categories of testing, but testing things like cosmetic's and shampoo can be dangerous. what i mean is would you let some random company perform test an your kids with out knowing the risks.

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Q: Why are experiments on animals not illegal?
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