Why are family and friends important?


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If you don't have any friends or family, then who will be always there for you? you need friends and family, not only to be there for you, but to also support you , encourage you, discourage you.


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Family and friends are important because they are there for you when help is needed, Friends play with you at school.

Family is more important than friends because they know u more than your friends

Friends are important and supportive( if they are good ones) but your family is the one to care for you the most.

Family and friends.Family and friends.Family and friends.Family and friends.Family and friends.Family and friends.Family and friends.Family and friends.Family and friends.Family and friends.Family and friends.

That friends and family are important, no matter what happens. You can save the world AND still have your friends and family!

his children his family his job his friends....

Type your answer and friends

The lord our family and our friends

The most important people are your family, boy/girlfriends, and friends.

Family and friends are the most important people to find your dreams. They can also be there to fulfill it in case you need them.

God, family, friends, fans and of course music.

were her dairy , family, friends, her cat.

friends family anybody important or close to you

Its important because you will need firends and family if anything in lif goes wrong.

The telephone is very important as without them we wouldn't be able to meet up with our friends or family.

Family friends are simply that, friends of your sims family.

Family is there to provide support and love. It's said that you can choose your friends but not your family. It's important to surround yourself with people that value you. If your real family doesn't value you, make a new family out of friends.

Her friends and family, and her fans since they are the ones to pay her.

because its a time for family and friends to reconnect

family is important because they will always be there for you no matter what happens. You may think that your friends will be there before your family but the truth is that your family is always by your side. (In some cases many people have a very close friend who is like a brother or sister to them this is one of the nly exceptions.) Family always comes before friends.

You want your food to be perfect so consistency and texture is important to please your family/friends.

because maybe it is something important to you or maybe it is why you are important to your family and friends.

Relationships, friends and family are more important than money.

They were born into the position. Important positions were held by family and friends.

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