Why are gasoline vapors more flammable than liquid gasoline?

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Oxygen is required for gasoline to burn. There is far more oxygen in gasoline vapor than in liquid gasoline. This is why the flame is on top of a puddle of gas. Just the vapor is burning.
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Does water weigh more than gasoline?

\n. \n That depends \nIt depends on how much of each you have!\n. \n100 gallons of gasoline weighs more that one gallon of water!\n. \nI'm not trying to be a wise guy. Your question shows a fundamental misunderstanding of weight and density. Here's a trick question: What weighs more, a poun ( Full Answer )

Does super gasoline last more than regular?

It just depends on how you drive your vehical and what type of vehical you have. Most vehicles will say what type of gas is recommended for that specific vehicle. And it also depends on who you ask. If you asked one person they might say that super lasts longer and another person might say that regu ( Full Answer )

Is E85 better than gasoline Does it pollute more than regualr gasoline?

As for typical tailpipe measured emissions, E85 is % better for the environment. Even 10% ethanol (or gasahol) fuels are a % better. E85 or E100 (pure ethanol) has more O2 present in the fuel and has significantly less CO emissions that pure gasoline or 10% ethanol gasoline. E85 or E100 has a ( Full Answer )

Why does diesel fuel cost more than gasoline?

Edmund's had an article about this.\nhttp://www.edmunds.com/insideline/do/Columns/articleId=108465\n. \nSummary. "Because we can" -unnamed industry insider.\n. \nNevertheless, diesel does represent one engine technology that can use fuels made from a variety of renewable resources. It may prove ( Full Answer )

Will vaporized gasoline run a car?

Cars can and do readily run on vaporized gasoline. Car withcarburetors and fuel injection both vaporize fuel just before it isignited in the combustion chamber.

Why is diesel fuel more expensive than regular gasoline?

because of taxes ...diesel makes more polution=. Not true....new low-sulfur and new diesel engines are cleaner and more efficient than gasoline engines. . Factors are higher demand in Europe (more than half the new cars sold in Europe are diesel), distribution (shipping refined diesel from Europe ( Full Answer )

What does gasoline do?

Gasoline has a lot of stored energy which can power vehicles and other electrical items

Why does diesel cost more than gasoline?

Diesel costs more then gasoline because it uses more petroleum to make it. Also, diesel costs more then gasoline because it has about 20% more energy then the same amount of gasoline.

What psi will gasoline vaporize?

Every gasoline builds pressure to vaporize. Vaporized gas buildspressure quickly, faster than oxygen and maintain its pressure by asecondary fuel pump.

Why is gasoline more volatile than water?

Volatile is defined as likely to change in a very sudden or extremeway. Gasoline is more volatile than water because of its chemicalmake up.

Is gasoline solid liquid gas or vapor?

Hahaha. Are you in my chemistry class? and I'm pretty sure it's not a solid, it's a liquid but not pure liquid, I'm sure it's not a vapor, because that's like steam and stuff. So I'm guessing it's a gas

Is gasoline liquid?

Gasoline can be a liquid and a gas, I am not sure about a solid though.

Is gasoline a liquid?

Yes. Americans will often refer to the liquid fuel gasoline as "gas" for short, which might be confusing to residents of other countries. It is often known outside the U.S. as "petrol."

What is in gasoline?

i kno there is oil but i 2 is trying 2 figure out what the 2nd thing is GOOD LUCK THOUGH!!

What is more flammable than gasoline?

The flammablilty of liquids is measured by flash point this is the minimum temperature in which a spark will ignite it. Gasoline which is a mixture has a flash point of around 0 degrees C. One of the most flammable liquids, Diethyl ether has a flash point of -45 degrees so is much more flammable tha ( Full Answer )

Why is diesel more expensive than unleaded gasoline in the US?

diesel is now more expensive than unleaded as the oild comanies are ripping us off. diesel is a by-product of refining gasoline. now with the demand for disel with more smaller vehicles having diesel engines the oil companies are just cashing in and making the big bucks at the common mans expense. ( Full Answer )

What temperature does gasoline turn into a vapor?

interesting question. I assume you are not a scientist so I'll try to make this simple.. Water can exist as a vapor at 32.0001 degrees F. This is the triple point of water at atmospheric pressure.. Gasoline, with its hi volatility will start a car well below zer0. Since I don't know the exact temp ( Full Answer )

Does a gasoline engine have more power than a diesel engine?

Diesel engines have more power in the form of torque. Torque is basically the force exerted on the road by the tires which means you can haul more weight with a diesel engine. But it won't be "fast" in most cases. If speed is what floats your boat I'd say go with a gasoline engine.

Is gasoline more explosive than gas?

In general gasoline is not more explosive then gas although it depends on the conditions and the gas. Probably you are referring to natural gas, the gas piped into homes which is predominantly methane. In general flammable gasses are more explosive than flammable liquids because they are mixed up ( Full Answer )

Will cigarettes ignite gasoline vapors?

If the cigarette is just burning normally, no. But if there is an impurity that causes a tiny spark, there could easily be ignition if the mixture of gasoline vapor and air is just right.

Are turbines more efficient than gasoline engines?

By a generous estimate, they can be about 30% more efficientthan a gasoline engine. . I assume you mean "are turbines more efficient than pistonengines". . Depends on the running conditions. At full load, steady runningconditions, turbines are better than piston Engines. At varyingloads, turbines ( Full Answer )

How does gasoline produce more co2 than it weighs?

The formula for the reaction of gasoline as it combusts is: C n H 2n+2 + nO 2 -> nCO 2 from this it is obvious that each carbon/hydrogen unit in the gasoline "chain" has a mass of slightly more than 14 while the carbon in the CO2 has a similar unit mass of 44, almost 3 times as much. As the car ( Full Answer )

Is gasoline flammable or combustible?

Gasoline is flammable. Liquids which can burn are divided into "flammable" and "combustible" according to their flash point temperatures, the lowest temperature at which they will burn. Flammable liquids will burn at temperatures below 37.8ºC (100ºF). A combustible liquid has to be heated to ( Full Answer )

Why does gasoline cost more than fuel oil?

because gasoline is not much costy and it is because of the easier soures to get it and gets realy difficult to get oil and to purify that,this reason make it costy as compare to gasoline

Is liquid oxygen gasoline?

No. Gasoline is a mixture of hydrocarbons. Liquid oxygen is oxygenthat has been cooled to extremely low temperatures.

What is the flammable range of gasoline?

The FR (flammable range) of gasoline is 1.4% LEL (lower exposive limit) to 7.6 UEL (upper exposive limit). Below 1.4% the gasoline vapor is said to be too lean and above 7.6% and the vapor is too rich. In either case gasoline will not burn if it is not in the FR.

Why does diesel engine vibrates more than the gasoline engine?

Diesel engines vibrates more than a petrol engine due to 1. High compression ratio 2. More ignition timing advance 3. Incorrect valve timing 4.Incorrect combustion chamber 5. Direct injection of diesel on the piston crown 6.Inline Fuel injection pump 7. Type of injectors used and their ( Full Answer )

Why is diesel emit more smoke than gasoline engine?

Diesel is a fuel with approximately 15-19 carbon atoms in a molecule.Whereas petrol has only 5-9.When air is mixed with diesel inside the combustion chamber it forms more molecules of carbon dioxide and monoxide.This results in producing more more pollutants.These pollutants come out in form of smok ( Full Answer )

Did gasoline is flammable?

yes gasoline is flammable. thats why if you have a car accident and you are still in the car and it chucks into the pumps then your car will ghet on fire. hope this helps i like squishy noses

How flammable is diesel mixed with gasoline?

Diesel fuel itself will burn but you really can't call it flammable. When you add gasoline to it, the flammability greatly increases with the amount of gasoline you add.

Is diesel more dangerous than gasoline?

Diesel may be more dangerous in some respects, Gasoline can be more dangerous in other respects. You will have to re-phrase your question to ask exactly what you mean .

Are Diesel engines more economic than Gasoline engines?

They put out more torque per cubic inch, and certain ones can get better miles per gallon, but the fuel is also more expensive. Modern diesel engines are more efficient than their gasoline counterparts.

Is gasoline not flammable?

Did you ever try to light it? Did you see the signs next to thegasoline pumps? They all indicate that it is very flammable.