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Why are straight guys so put off by men? You just aren't attracted to them, bottom line. Is it really that hard to understand?

AnswerI disagree that all gay men dislike women. I have several gay male friends and we are just that "great friends" and we have a hoot together. Even when I was single I went out with a couple of my gay male friends simply because they were fun and I didn't have to fight them off with a bat. It was refreshing and peaceful at the same time. I didn't bother him and he didn't bother me. I also enjoyed going clothes shopping with them and got better beauty tips from them than most women specializing in this field had given me. AnswerSome gay men may not like a woman if he is very female. The other woman is a threat to him and he fears his mate will become interested in her if his mate may be bisexual, or, if another male enters the picture one gay partner may become extremely upset and fear losing their partner to someone else. AnswerI disagree with the fact that some people are against gay people!! My guy friends are gay!(well most of them) and I love them; they are like family to me you know like gay brothers!!) I love them all and you can not be against them. Gays never bother anyone and it's their sexual choice and they have they rights like every

Some men have different taste of what they want for their lover to be, than other men. Women is a complete different spiecies to men, they are insterested in different things. Most men get along with women, and get to know them and stay with them. While some men prefer their lover to have the same thoughts as them, same ideas, and same motives. Therefore they prefer their lover to be a male, and not female.

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Q: Why are gay guys so put off by girls?
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