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Why are girls lesbian?


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Because they were born that way.


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Only Lesbian girls are naturally lesbian. Straight girls are naturally straight.

Only lesbian girls are attracted to lesbians. Straight girls are not.

You know when your a lesbian, if your constantly checking out girls or wanting girls.

It perfectly fine for you to watch lesbian girls or just solo girls and not turn bi or a lesbian

As a lesbian, you are sexually attracted to girls and only girls. You have no intrest in men at all.

If a lesbian asks you why you like girls she is fishing around to find out if you have lesbian tendencies. If you are not a lesbian simply tell her that you like girls only on a friendship basis and you are straight.

if your a girl and you like girls that makes you a lesbian

Can a girl be a lesbian? Yeah. All lesbians are girls. But, not all girls are lesbians. xxStormey

Some girls that become lesbian or that are lesbians are MORE attracted to girls than guys....

No. You are only a lesbian if you are sexually attracted to other girls.

Cymphonique is not lesbian but she is bisexual .She kiss boys and girls.

No. She is only a lesbian if she's sexually attracted to other girls.

That depends on if your a lesbian or not if lesbian than yes

It is called GENETICS. Nobody turns lesbian.

yes it's called lesbian.

No, If you like girls ur a lesbian. If you dont ur not. There's no course you can take to become a lesbian.

If you feel sexual attraction to other girls, then you are a lesbian.

your a lesbian if your a girl and attracted to girls

No, this is not true. You can go to an all girls school and still be straight. It's just up to you if you want to become a lesbian.

The correct term to call a girl who likes another girl is lesbian. Dont call girls gay it is an in accurate term. So call gay girls lesbian girls.

Yes, she is a lesbian.

Girls who like boys as opposed to other girls (lesbian or sapphist is the name for that)

If you are sexually attracted to the girls you like checking out, but you are not sexually attracted (or attracted in general) to guys, then yes, you are a lesbian.

If you are girl who is not [sexually] attracted to guys, but you are [sexually] attracted to girls, then you're a lesbian.

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