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i am a girl myself i should know , most girls are stereo typical because when we are madly in love with them or if we like them USUALY they teke the mic out of us and we dont like it and other reasons to like as you know girls have periods and this makes a girl very emothional and hormonal we get very stressed and moody we get confused and we may be a bit harsh because most of us have mouths and know how to use it you obviously want to understand girls a bit better well good for you you are obviously not one of the bad boiis lol any more questions just ask love caz xx

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What kind of imotional maturity in boys and girls?

the boys are very mature than girls.

Why can't girls get over boys?

Girls are very emotional individuals while boys are not very emotional sor of speak.

Do girls like boys from the Caribbean?

Many girls have a wide variety of interests, so it's very possible that there's girls who very much like boys from there.

Why is it rude for boys to hit girls?

yes, very rude they are sometimes very stupid.some boys are very foolish

Is Nancy drew for boys and girls?

Nancy Drew is mainly for girls, however, boys will enjoy these books as well, The Hardy Boys books are also a very good read for boys as well as girls.

Vijay tv boys vs girls show finl winer?

Girls! Watch the "Boys vs Girls 2" coming very soon!

Is binweevils for boys or girls?

Both boys and girls its very popular with both along with moshi monsters and club penguin.

How do you make friends with boys if you're a girl?

well.... because girls like boys lots of course because I like boys very much so ya its probably because girls like boys lots and they always want to hang out with boys because boys are awesome & cute looking and they're smart very very smart that's why girls make good friends with boys.

How much bigger is a girls than a boys?


Do girls think differently than boys?

.Everyone thinks differently. Not just girls and boys but girls and girls and boys and boys. While girls would be thinking about how nice and considerate a guy is, the guy would be trying to look down her top- maybe. So yeah I guess girls do think differently to boys. ------------------------------------- guys have a general way of thinking that is very different from how girls think

Do boys think differently to girls?

Yes ------ very differently

How was life for boys and girls in new England?

Very difficult.

Are boys better than girls at writing?

Some boys write very nice and some girls write very nice. Last year a couple of boys in my class wrote nicer than some of the girls. So it's not really depending on the gender. In my opinion I think more girls write nicer than boys because they try harder but boys also do write nicely

Are girls better at English?

yes. boys are very good at pretending to be English, but girls have higher voices than boys, so they do the accent better.

What if your a smart pretty 12 year old girl how do you get a boyfriend?

12 years old is to young to have a boyfriend, it is ok to have firends who are boys but dating is very complicated and young boys are kinda dumb when it comes to girls anyway.

Why does boys keep avoiding girls when they shouldn't?

cause boys can get shy very easily but not wanna admit to it.

Do boys care about how girls look?

yes, sometimes but if their very nice to you then no.

Is Blair a common name for girls and boys?

Blair can be used for both boys and girls. It does not seem to be a very popular name for either gender. According to one source, it is the 973rd most popular name for girls but no data was available for boys.

Does Santa Claus build houses?

Only for little boys and girls who were VERY very good.

What are good websites for kids to go on? [for boys and girls for ages 11-100]!!! cool and fun website even has gossip [boys and girls] ages cool [both] [for girls and boys very kiddish] [] for girls

Why do 12 year old boys like girls?

It's just at the age where boys are very very very slowly starting to mature. Same with girls (but they are quicker). If they do like each other, it's most likely just a crush...

Do girls like to be called hot?

no, its actually very annoying cause we know when boys are just being boys :|

Difrence between boy or girl?

Girls have girl parts and boys have boy parts. Girls can be more moocher then boys at times but they are very alike in some ways Does that answer your ? ?

Is jennah a boy or girl name?

It's both. Jennah is an uncommon name for both boys and girls. The name "Jenna" is common for girls, and very rare for boys.

Do boys like Asian girls?

Yes. It is very likely as Asian girls are beautiful and have so much freedom.

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