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They are an economical source of meat protein ie you can graze more goats than cattle on poorer country. Goats, depending on the breed, can provide meat, milk and fibre.

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What animal was very important to Aztecs?


What to consider when looking for goats for sale?

When looking to buy goats there are a few factors you should first consider. The most important question is if you would like breeding or milking goats. Also, the age of the goat is an important consideration, baby goats must be raised before yielding milk while elderly goats have probably already stopped producing.

When was the first goat introduced?

The first goats to Australia came with the First Fleet in 1788. Goats were an important source of meat and milk.

Why are goats important to Pakistan?

The goats are prominent to the farmers of Pakistan because they are naturally beneficial to people by their wool and meat. The farmers keep them because of their surefooted legs which helps them travel excursions.

Did the Mongols rely on sheep's and goats for survival?

The Mongolian pastoral nomads relied on sheep more than goats for survival, but goats were important too. They depended on them for food as well as their hides and skin. They favored sheep because they were easier to care for than goats.

Why was barry st leger important?

He was british and loved to suckle goats

Why goats are so important to human?

They give milk, cheese, and meat.

What are some types of goats?

billy goats, mountain goats, daily goats, miniature goats

What is the collective noun of goats?

The collective nouns for goats are:a flock of goatsa herd of goatsa tribe of goatsa trip (or trippe) of goats

Why was a shepherd important in ancient Egypt?

to keep the wolves away from eating the goats.

What are the common breeds of goats raised in the Philippines?

Hell Goats Bra Goats Devil Goats Billy Goats Jew Goats Hope i helped :)

What are five different types of goat?

Meat goats, dairy goats, fibre goats, pack goats and miniature goats.

Why is the parable of the sheep and goats important for christians?

Because it helps them to think and help others.

What are goats and chicken?

Goats are goats and chikens are chikens there is nothing to answer

What were boer goats for?

Boer goats are primarily meat goats.

Why are goats called Billy goats?

only non castrated male goats are called Billy Goats

What are lady goats called?

lady goats are called nanny goats

What is a male billygoat called?

Male goats are called billy goats. Female goats are called nanny goats.

What are the differences between wild goats and domestic goats?

Wild goats are wild and domestic goats listens to ppl

Are goats ever called 'stags'?

No female goats are known as does, male goats as bucks, castrated male goats as wethers and young goats are called kids.

What do you call a bunch of goats?

A herd of goats(And yes, I've heard of goats.... )

Do they have mountain goats in the arctic?

they don't have mountain goats in the arctic but they do have arctic goats

Are goats a mammal?

Yes, goats have mammary glands. That is why you can buy goats milk.

What are thing made by animals?

Milk (By Cows and Goats) Cheese (By Cows and Goats) Yogurt (By Cows and Goats) Rice Pudding (By Cows and Goats) Chocolate (By Cows and Goats) :p *A lot of things are made from Cows an Goats*

Whats the difference between sheep and goats?

Goats are more independent and most goats have horns and beards. Goats have hair, sheep wool. Goats are more alert, sheep are a bit dreamy. Sheep are grazers, goats browsers. Goats are friendlier and will make a better pet.