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Because if you are hometutord then you will not be able to go to a classroom it depends how you got home tutord, did you get kicked out of school for behaviour? have you got learning disabilities? home tutord means you get teached at homeso you would not be abled to play up in school with oyur mates or cause the school some hassel.

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Q: Why are homeschooled students not bonded to a class room?
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What are the tips for teaching in a class room?

Teaching in a class room requires a teacher to first be receptive to the students. Secondly, interaction between students and students, and students and teacher allows for a diversified view of the topic at hand. Thirdly, many times there are no right or wrong answers, so, the teacher must be aware of this and also let the students be aware of this.

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A special class day class also called a SDC class is a special education classroom where students spend all or part of their day receiving special education services. They are not in the general classroom and they are with other students who are in special education. Classrooms are typically smaller than a general education classroom and students can have different disabilities or they can be a specialized SDC classroom for specific disabilities such as autism. They are usually mild/moderate or moderate/severe and have the teacher and paraeducators in the room working with students.

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Should students be able to use electronics during school?

Yes, They should because iPads and iPods can download free learning apps and can be used as an Internet system if all the computers in the class room are occupied. Also cell phones should be able to be used for emergencies but not for texting in class because it can take the students attention away from class.

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