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Why are hymns often sung after prayers?

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What is an example of sacred music?

Hymns are often sung in churches.

Why are hymns sung at weddings?

Hymns are sung at weddings as an expression of celebration. Hymns also represent the unity of man and woman in marriage by God.

Why are Jewish prayers sung?

Some Jewish prayers are sung. Most are not.

Can a Jehovah's Witness attend a crematorium service of cremation?

Yes, we do it often. We just don't join in the prayers and hymns.

What do you call these prayers and hymns?

they are non exsistant....

What hymns are sung at Whitsun?

Hymns sung at Pentecost include: Come down O love Divine, Spirit of the Living God and Love Divine.

Where are India's hymns and prayers found?

underground rome

What are the five sung prayers of prayers of the mass ordinary?


What were hymns sung at religious services?

anthems and chorales

Why do you sing Christmas hymns during advent?

because hyms hymns are prayers, and you pray a lot during advent.

A collection of prayers and hyms?

it is spelt hymns ot hyms

The prayers and hymns of the Vedas were the creation of what ancient civilization?


What has the author Joshua Smith written?

Joshua Smith has written: 'A select manual of divine meditations and prayers' 'Divine hymns, or spiritual songs' -- subject(s): Hymns, Baptists, English Hymns 'Divine hymns, or spiritual songs' -- subject(s): Hymns, Baptists, English Hymns

Which of these hymns sung at religious services?

Anthems and corals colt york

Why are hyms played at church?

Hymns are sung in the church to praise and glorify god.

What book contains prayers in the Bible that can be sung?

the book of Psalms.

What were India's ancient hymns and prayers for religious ceremonies?

Its Vedas. I found it in my social studies book.

Names of the prayers in Christianity?

There are many prayers in the Bible. too many to mention here. The book of psalms are prayers or hymns. There are the famous prayer of Solomon when he dedicated the temple and other prayer of Hezekiah and David.

Poetic prayers intended to be chanted or sung in public worship?


What is the meaning of the idiomatic expression high mass?

a mass where prayers are sung

What is proper etiquette at a Sikh funeral?

At a Sikh funeral, after cremation, guests are to return to the family's home. Prayers are read and hymns are sung. Neighbors and friends are expected to prepare a meal for the family of the Sikh and afterwards, everyone is expected to bathe, in order to cleanse themselves.

What are the main features of Methodist worship?

Communion, sermons, prayers, liturgies, hymns, doxology, tithes & offering.

What is another name for ancient hymns and prayers for religious ceremonies?

In ancient Greece it could be called a paean.

Which type of narrative poem is often sung?

Ballad poem is often sung

Where did Caroling come from?

Caroling originated from hymns sung in churches, since Christmas was originally a religious holiday.