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Identical twins have to be the same sex because they both come from one egg. This means that they have identical genetic material, and therefore identical chromosomes.


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they are ALWAYS the same sex - that's why they are IDENTICAL

Conjoined twins are always identical twins and they are always the same sex.

No. By definition, identical twins are the same sex.

No. Conjoined twins are always identical twins. Identical twins are always the same sex.

Yes, the sex of the fraternal twins has nothing to do with the fact that they are twins.

If they weren't , they wouldn't be identical. Sometimes, even though they are the same sex, they do not look exactly alike. Similar, but not identical.

No. All identical twins are the same sex. Judith and Hamnet were opposite sexes, and so were fraternal twins.

Identical twins come from a single fertilized ovum, and are always of the same sex. Fraternal twins come from separate ova, and may be of different sex. Its ferternal.actualy, furturnal twins are normal. identical twins are rare. identical twins are twins that look axactly alike, and furturnal twins do not look the same.

Yes. Identical twins come from one fertilized egg that has been split in two. Therefore, whatever sex the single egg would've been, the twins will be.

Twins can only be identical if they are the same sex. If they are boy and girl, they are fraternal.

No, monozygotic twins would be the same sex. Monozygotic twins come from one single fertilized egg, or zygote, which then splits to create two separate zygotes which will be genetically identical, or "identical twins", which will always be of the same gender.

Identical twins look precisely "identical" - they came from the same egg. Fraternal twins (which can be the same sex or opposite sexes) do not look all that much alike, and came from two separate eggs.

The answer is yes. I have quadruplets who are all fraternal and are all boys. Fraternal (non identical) multiples can be of any sex. Identical multiples are of the same sex.

Yes. Conjoined twins are always identical (monozygotic) twins, and identical twins are always the same sex.There is a theoretical case where identical twins could be opposite genders, when the babies are female but in one of the females, a branch of one X chromosome breaks away; however, I don't believe this has ever been observed.

my question is : monozygotic twins always have the same sex or they may be of different sex ? i.e. though the twin are identical, they may be a boy and a girl ? Identical twins are the same sex, but there is such thing as polar body twinning, that is when the egg splits before fertilization.Which that can make a male and a female. That is called semi identical twins or half twins. They share about 75% of their genetic markers.

Nature has various safety valves. That is one of them. Conjoined Twins are identical twins with a natural connective bond, therefore they always take the same sex. Fraternal twins, like the fictional Bobbseys, can be Boy and Girl.

In identical twins, the DNA is identical, which is what makes them identical. In Fraternal twins it is not.

Twins are identical because they come from the same egg.

identical twins have the same genes from the same parents. Non identical twins have different genes.

Obviously if they were of oposite sex they would not be identical.

identical twins are born at the same time AND look the same l. Fraternal twins are born at the same time but do not look identical..

No. To be identical they would have to be all the same sex which they are obviously not. It would be possible though for some of the same sex babies to be identical but in this family they are not. The sextuplets (and the twins) are the product of separately fertilized eggs so none of the siblings are identical.

do identical or non identical twins share the same placenta

Identical twins are formed by the separation of the same embryo containing same genetic coding. thus the the twins are identical as formed from the same embryo. But this is not the case in the non-identical twins as they are formed from the individual embro each having different genetic coding.

Yes, they are identical twins, monozygotic twins, born ten minutes apart. They share the same genome, they are identical genetically, they are identical twins.

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