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Why are kiwis a national symbol of New Zealand?


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Kiwis are native to New Zealand and not found anywhere else. Like many other species of birds in the country, they are completely unique to the islands of New Zealand, but more easily identifiable than some of the other native birds to both New Zealanders and those outside the country.

This flightless bird has some completely unique characteristics which are not shared with any other species, such as nostrils at the very end of its bill, and an extremely highly developed sense of smell which enables it to detect food underground to the length of its bill.

The kiwi is not the only native bird which is endangered in New Zealand, but it has a very distinctive and easily recognised shape, which make it ideal as a New Zealand "icon". It is also in need of protection as, like many other species, it has become highly threatened by the effects of European settlement.

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Because kiwis are the national bird of new zealand

The national bird and a native bird.

No. While the sheep is an iconic symbol of New Zealand, it is not regarded as a national symbol. National symbols tend to be unique to a country. The small, flightless bird known as a kiwi is the national symbol of New Zealand.

Kiwis live in New Zealand.

A kiwi is the National bird Of New Zealand, and it is endemic. That is where the name originates.

The kiwi is New Zealand's national bird.The silver fern is regarded as a quasi national symbol, a representative of New Zealand, which is often used to represent New Zealand in sporting events, and which is becoming increasingly recognisable overseas. It does not have an official designation as a national symbol.

kiwis first started at china then they went to new zealand

Because it is native to New Zealand:)

The Silver fern is an unofficial national symbol of New Zealand.

The kiwi, a small, flightless bird, is the national symbol of New Zealand.

Kiwis are indigenous to New Zealand. Other than Kiwis in Zoos, Kiwis do not grow in Australia.

That would be "kiwis." They are actually people from New Zealand or New Zealanders.

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Kiwis are imported from New Zealand

'The kiwis' is the nickname of the New Zealand Rugby League team.

Kiwi or kiwis are flightless birds and native to New Zealand.

The Kiwi is a flightless birds that is a national icon in New Zealand. Because the birds are unique to New Zealand, the term "kiwi" is also often used to refer colloquially to the Pakeha (non-indigenous) people of New Zealand.

Kiwis, dairy farms, vineyards, and sheep farms abound in New Zealand.

It is the silver fern, the national symbol of New Zealand

New Zealand is the land of the Kiwi.

Teams from New Zealand (except the Rugby team, who are the All Blacks.

New Zealand's national symbol is mainly the Kiwi, which is a native and rare New Zealand Bird. In sport terms, New Zealands symbol is the Silver Fern, which appears on the Rugby, Netball, Basketball, Tennis, Hockey etc. logo

New Zealand * It should be noted that the original inhabitants of New Zealand, the Maori, find it offensive to be called "kiwis".

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