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For the sake of this discussion, consider "acute" poisoning: one takes into one's system a poison whose effects are immediately (or very soon thereafter) observed. By implication, a cumulative poison is one which is taken into the system in such small quantities that its effects are not observed or it is, otherwise, harmless. However, cumulative poisons, e.g., lead and Mercury, have a long excretion half-life - the period of time it takes for the body to eliminate one-half of the poison originally taken in. As a consequence, if one takes in additional cumulative poison before the previous dose was entirely excreted, the effects of the new dose are added to those of the remaining previous dose, or put in another way, the effects are cumulative.

The issue with cumulative poisons is not that they are poisonous, per se, (goodness knows we poison ourselves every day in one way or another), the issue is people who give themselves a regular dose of the cumulative poison until toxic levels are reached. In extreme cases, widespread mercury poisoning, e.g., has occurred in Japan and other Pacific Island communities whose primary diet consisted of contaminated fish.

Lead poisoning, the primary environmental threat to children (due to ingestion of paint containing lead) continues to be a problem in many areas; mercury poisoning is uncommon, if not rare. In the US, extraordinary events aside, mercury poisoning is a consequence of eating contaminated fish. As a result, the CDC, et al., publish various recommendations specifying the types and amounts of fish to eat on a weekly basis. The Alaska Epidemiology Department publishes an extensive "guideline" detailing mercury contamination in a variety of "Alaska" fish with recommendations for the general population, as well as pregnant women, a growing concern. Most conscientious companies are glad to furnish mercury data as it relates to their products, which should be consulted if mercury poisoning is a concern.

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Q: Why are lead and mercury cumulative poisons?
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well there are many cumulative poisons so you need to go one by one. eg. mercury- they are from volcanoes, forest fires, cinnabar (ore) and fossil fuels such as coal and petroleum.

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Lead and mercury are poisons to the body and will kill you.More DetailOld paint can flake and young children could put it in their mouths.Mercury fumes cause some brain damage. Mercury was used in hat making a long time ago and "hatters" as the hat-makers were called, were crazy, or "mad" as the English call it. Hence the phrase "mad as a hatter" and the character in Alice in Wonderland.Mercury won't kill you, but lead could, if it gets to your blood.

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When cause of death is suspected to be from toxins or poisons, Private Lab Results can test the cremated remains, or ashes, for the five most commonly found toxins or poisons, which are arsenic, cadmium, chromium, lead and mercury. For more info go

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Contact the poisons centre for your region.

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