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ok, when your having intercourse with a man and a women, the man will grab onto the womens hips. They are " making love" therefor they are called "love handles".......there is more answers...:)

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โˆ™ 2012-09-10 21:02:30
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Q: Why are love handles called LOVE handles?
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Why are 'love handles' called love handle?

maybe because when people are in relationships/ in love (love) the two people like to hang on to each other there(handles), (therefore lovehandles)

How to loose the love handles?

A person can lose love handles by dieting and exercise.

What causes love handles?

Over use of the substance called "Food".

What type of handles cannot be held?


Why do you get love handles?

Love handles are from excess weight. Your genetic code which is the instructions for your body determine where this excess weight is stored.

What actors and actresses appeared in Love Handles - 1996?

The cast of Love Handles - 1996 includes: Stu Jeffries as Host

What is the best home fitness program for love handles?

The best home fitness program for love handles is situps and cruches.

What are handles made of?

Handles in a car are made of plastic........ Love Handles are made cellulite

When all else fails, is liposuction the best treatment for love handles?

I believe that liposuction is not the best treatment for love handles. The fat area in the love handles is a difficult area to combat and if the liposuction works, there is a strong chance that the fat will return.

How do you get love handles?

by being fat.

What does chichito mean?

Love handles

Are there muscles under Love handles?

Yes, there called the obliques and they function is to help you rotate your torso

What are some tips on how to lose love handles?

There are various tips on how to lose love handles. Some of the best tips on how to lose love handles are eating a healthy low calorie diet, exercising at least 3 days a week, and drinking more water.

What are love handles?

Love handles are a term for the fat around your abdomen, or stomach. The term is especially used for the fat that spills over the top of your pants.

What are love hadels?

If you're talking about love handles, its like jelly rolls on the sides.

Can skinny girls get love handles?


Where are your love handles?

kid r u serious i not trying to be mean but ugh. ur love handles r ur privates k behind you on top of your hips.

What are the release dates for Love Handles Couples in Crisis - 2011?

Love Handles Couples in Crisis - 2011 was released on: USA: 31 May 2011

What do you eat to get rid of love handles?

Fibre, Milk, Protein and other natural organic foods like fish, fresh vegetable are best for getting rid of love handles. We provide best solutions and diet plans to lose love handles. For details check our website.

What is the best way to get rid of love handles?


How do you lose your love handles but keep your butt?


What is a sandanbara?

Love handles/ noticeable belly fat

What is the actual word for love handles?

THere is no actual term for "love handles" other than fat. Another description is; addipose (fatty) tissues gathered atop the oblique muscles.

Just because you have love handles and no double chin could that mean that you're fat?

No, just because you have love handles and no double chin, it does not necessarily mean that you're fat. Even the leanest of people can have love handles. These are hard to tackle, but any type of cardiovascular activity to include brisk walking or jogging will burn calories. If love handles is your only problem area, it won't be too long before the extra weight is shed from there.

Can you get rid of love handles by sweating?

noo! u can get rid of love handles by exercising and eating healthy! don't go to far some guys like them to hold on too!((: their attractive!