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Why are most products from China?

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China has the worlds largest population and many of their people are extremely poor. Large manufacturing companies always want to make products as cheaply as they possibly can in order to sell products at reasonable prices while making a profit. It costs many times less to have products made in China vs the US, Europe, or other industrialized nations.

Companies have been moving their manufacturing to China to take advantage of this cheap labor therefore many of the products you see nowadays say made in China or a similar country.

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80 percent of walmart products are made in china?

most all of the products that come from walmart are made in china

What does China export the most of?

Electronics are the things that the country of China exports the most of. China is ranked number 1 as the country that exports the most products.

What are the most produced products in China?

Beef Jerky

In which country most cosmetic products are produced?


What country manufactures silk products the most?


What is the relationship between china and Walmart?

the relationship between china and walmart is that most of the products are imported from china to walmart...

Where do most sandals come from?

Most products in the united states are made in China!

What are the advantages of china products?

They are cheap and they are in most department stores

What products are made in China?

what products are made in china?AnswerSTUFF

Where are HP products made?

China, Taiwan, & Indonesia for the most part.

Where is Oster made?

In China, -you can no longer get any parts for most of their products.

What are the two most important products developed in China?

silk and rice

What are the most common products made in China?

clothes,evreyday things.

What would happen to china if the us stopped trading with them?

LOL..Not to much as China financially owns the US. We depend on their products. look at all that you buy and own. Most of our daily products are made in ...China

What percentage of products are made in China?

Take a look! I'd say most of them!

What country is Mio made in?

Most MIO Technology products are made in China.

What percentage of your products are foreign?

I am from China ,the majority of my products are made in mainland China .

What percentage of US products do china make?

china makes 90% of our products

What does China have to trade?

China manufactures many products such as: clothing, electrical goods, machinery, tools and food too. China manufactures most of the U.S. toys...

Where does China export its products to?

China exports all over the world... There is no limit to where they limit their products to. You will find that a majority of the products you buy today are 'Made in China'.

Where is Cuisinart Stainless Steel cookware manufactured?

Most of Cuisinart products are manufactured in China.

Where does Mexico get there products?

Most consumer products are manufactured locally or imported from China or South Korea. As for capital goods (industrial equipment), most of these are imported from the United States.

What products and services are provided by China Search?

The products and services that are provided by China Search are products that have been either made or produced in China and are now on the US shelves.

Is the gap's clothing made in china?

Most of the Gap's clothes are indeed made in China. Some products are made in other countries such as the U.S. but China is their predominant supplier.

Where is the Apple Computer made?

Most Apple products are produced in China. Apple's headquarters are in Cupertino, California with other offices across the state of California including Elk Grove, California where they design all their products. Most Apple products have a label that says made in China, designed in California.