Why are mountains formed?

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When the plates of the Earth collide, it forms a new mountain.
There was no reason mountains were made, but they were naturaly made by nature and the envirment

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What are Mountains formed by?

Mountains are formed by plate tectonics colliding

How was Mackenzie mountains formed?

They where formed by the movement of the plates smashing together.Over time this will make mountains and that was how those mountains were formed.

What force formed these volcanic mountains?

lava formed the volcanic mountains

How apposition mountains formed?

There are no such mountains.

How are residual mountains formed?

Residual mountains are formed by the plates in the earth moving

How can mountains be formed by folding?

the mountains formed by folding cause of tectonic plates

What type of mountains are the Ural mountains?

Folded mountains. These are formed when tectonic plates clashed together and formed in and up.

What two types of mountains are formed by volcanic activity?

Volcanic activity can form fold mountains or block mountains. Fold mountains are formed when tectonic plates collide. Block mountains are formed when fault block shifts.

When were the appalachain mountains formed?

the Appalachian mountains were formed about 165 million years ago

How were the Andes mountains in south america formed?

the andes mountains were formed by a continental collision

The himalaya mountains were formed in a collision at a?

the himalaya mountains were formed in a collision at a convergent boundary

How were the Cascade Mountains and the Olympic Mountains formed?

How were the olympic and casade mountain range formed

How were regular mountains formed?

They were formed by rocks.

How are plateau mountains formed?

it cannot be formed

What mountains were formed in the paleozoic era?

ural mountains and applachain mountains

Are the Rocky Mountains fold mountains?

No, the rocky mountains were not formed on a destructive plate. That is wrong, they are fold mountains, they were formed on a weakening in the plate, and millions of years ago the plate was under pressure and then it buckled and the Rockies were formed.

Where are mountains formed?

Mountains are formed at convergent plate boundaries or also known as fault lines.

Why is the Appalachian Mountains older than the Rocky Mountains?

because it was formed beforebecause it was formed before

Were the Appalachian mountains formed by a destructive or constructive force?

The Appalachian Mountains were formed in a Constructive Force

What are mountains formed by magma that reach the Earth's surface?

Mountains formed by magma that reach the Earth's surface are called volcanic mountains or ridges.

What mountains formed during the paleozoic era?

ural mountains and applachain mountains

How are block mountains formed?

When land is pushed upbetween two fault lines, block mountains are formed

How are the residual mountains formed?

It is formed by the process of denudation

What features can be formed by erosion?

Mountains can be formed by erosion!

How were mountains on Hawaii formed?

They were formed by volcanoes erupting under the water, as they erupted the magma solidified and formed land which later became mountains.

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