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to establish the identity of others
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Why are scientific names important?

Answer so that everyone in the world would know what you're talking about regardless of origin/language or culture With many items such as drugs, there are specific naming conventions and the scientific name itself gives an idea of the function of the drug. However, many "lay people" prefer ( Full Answer )

Whats the importance of scientific names?

Well because almost every animal has different names, in certin places of the world, they just call it one scientific name. So it can be easier.It also helps scientists in their communication.

Why are scientific names so important?

common names cause confusion they dont have scientfic basis. as there are number of common names for a single specie. or one name can be reffered to different specie. scientific names are known and accepted through out the world. they give us scientific basis and eleminate the confusion

Is your name important?

One Opinion: Your name is very important! It identifies who you are, and if you don't have one, it's like you don't exist. You sign your name on your checks, you give your name when greeting people you don't know, you label your property with your name, and people won't know what to call you. It w ( Full Answer )

Importance of scientific names?

The scientific names allows all scientists to be able to identify the specific animal. For instance, the mountain lion may also be called by puma, cougar, panther, etc. By calling it Felis concolor, which is its scientific name, scientists are easily able to identify what it is, regardless of its ( Full Answer )

Are names important?

Yes. names are the very bones of our language. A robin is standing by the stone outside my window. If you don't share my understanding of the words robin, stone and window then that sentence would be meaningless and would convey no information. Similarly with people. If I say "Pat is speaki ( Full Answer )

What are the names of important deserts in India?

The main desert of India, and its largest arid zone is the Great Indian Desert, also known as the Thar Desert. It is located in the northwestern part of India on the border with Pakistan.

Who was the Tasman Sea named after and why is he important?

The Tasman Sea, which lies between Australia and New Zealand, was named after Abel Tasman. Tasman was the first European to sight both New Zealand and Van Diemen's Land (now Tasmania). As the Tasman Sea lies between these two points, it was logical to name it after the first known European explorer ( Full Answer )

How important is our knowledge of God's names?

Just the fact that the "Divine name" was originally in the manuscipts almost 7,000 times, and then surgically removed, should give us pause. It should make it obvious that the Creator was proud of His name, wanted all of creation to know that name and use His name, in their worship, as did the serva ( Full Answer )

What are the names of the important rivers of Finland?

There are 35 over 100 kilometres long rivers in Finland. The five longest ones are Kemijoki (Kemi River, 593 km), Iijoki (Ii River, 330km), Ounasjoki (Ounas River, 298km), Kitinen (278 km) and Muonionjoki (Muonio's River, 230km). The other 30 rivers, in order from the longest one to the shortest ( Full Answer )

What is the importance of a name?

Its what people call you,like if ur saying, "He is a jerk"People might say,"who?"Then you'll have to point but it'll be harder if there not even there.

Why is it important to have a name?

Well, let's take a little hypothetical scenario... You have a friend who doesn't have a name, who we'll refer to as " ________". Whenever you want to speak to this friend, you just say, "Hello, ______," or leave out the name entirely. ________ also has a sibling named ________, whose name is al ( Full Answer )

What is most important about the name of God?

It's meaning. YHWH (the English letters representing His name) means I was, I am, I will be (or self-existent one). It is a memorial of His everlasting presence.

What is the importance of named swords from The Hobbit?

There is no reason in the story to name them, it wouldn't have affected the end results of the story line. But by providing the names, Tolkien adds a sense of history and depth to the books and to the history of Middle Earth. It hints of magic and civilizations in the past, anchoring the present of ( Full Answer )

Why is the name Mississippi important?

Mississippi is not important actually missi was the explorers girlfriend ppi is her last name so a few changes and woop zoop sloop you get MISSISSIPPI (not truly true)

Names of seven angels and importance?

The answer you are seeking will only be found in the RC Catholic version of Scripture. Suggest you add this category above as non-Catholic Bible Versions list 3 angels by name - Michael, Gabriel, Lucifer who became Satan.

What are the important names during the Renaissance?

there are a lot of names to mention but i would recommend: Dante Alighieri + Francesco Petrarch + Giovanni Boccaccio in humanism. Leonardo DA Vinci + Michaelangelo + Raffaello sanzio + donato bramante you could consider those renaissance artists and masters . two important writer two are: baldassar ( Full Answer )

Names of important people?

Depends in what kind of subject. There's. Abraham Lincoln Albert Einstein Isaac Newton Lance Armstrong Barack Obama George Washington Theres alot of important people out there.

What is the importance of giving christian names?

It may spark an interest in the biblical stories which involve the original person the name was chosen from. Also the names themselves are often an encouragement once you look into the meanings of them.

What is a domain name and why is it important?

Computers communicate using numbered addresses. The domain names exist for humans to remember things like e-mail addresses (@yourdomain.com) and websites (http://some-domain-name.org) so that we can type them into our web browser or e-mail or tools and Domain Name Service can turn the name we can re ( Full Answer )

What is a scientific name and why are they important?

A scientific name is made up of the genus and species names. Which come from Latin roots with only the first letter of the genus capitalized and is type italicized or if writing it out it must be UNDERLINED. The scientific name is important because multiple organisms have the same "common name" but ( Full Answer )

Why is the name Christ so important?

Christ means anointed, Act 4:12 Nor is there salvation in any other, for there is no other name under heaven given among men by which we must be saved." Christ is important because it tells us Jesus wasn't just 'acting' alone he was sent anointed by God There is no salvation without Him. H ( Full Answer )

Why is it important to name your pet?

it is important to name your pet(s) so he or she will have to respond to. For example: if you keep calling your dog by different names, it may get confused and when someone calls that name, he/she might run towards the person thinking ' i think i just heard my name!!!!!! A name is used to ensure ( Full Answer )

What is important about the name David?

Well to Jews it is important because an important Jewish king was called David. David killed Goliath, who was an enemy of the Israelites. To everyone else, it's a nice name and means "beloved".

Why Is a persons name important?

because its who they are and theres a story behind their name.Also because theres always a meaning to someones name.

What is the importance of the name AUK?

This was the common name of a 'white faced bird' in Welsh. This bird, the Great Auk, became extinct probably due to over-harvesting, in the mid 19th century. It was considered to share many similarities with the Penguin as we now know it, and seamen possibly transferred the name.

Why is naming a file important?

Besides the obvious that it will help you remember the contents, If you do not give it a unique name and use the default (usually "Untitled") then the next time you save a file it will overwrite the old file and it will be lost. Leave the extension (the part after the . as in *.flv or *.txt or some ( Full Answer )

Is having a name important?

No....... if you want every person in the world to just call you - person go into the doctors: Sam Powell James Lewis Sarah tucker and..., person person

Why is it important for names to be in Latin?

Actually, it isn't. Some epithets, and even genera, have been in Chinese, Japanese, or even Native American languages; the only important thing is to pick a distinctive name that won't be the same as any existing one and won't change because of errors made by someone inexperienced in the language or ( Full Answer )

Why is the brand name important for business?

It makes a product more memorable, and adds perceived value by endowing it with a character and personality with which the consumer enjoys a growing relationship.

Why is the name box important in excel?

It shows the cell you are currently in or the name of the selected range. It can also be used to get to a particular cell or range by typing it into it. It shows the cell you are currently in or the name of the selected range. It can also be used to get to a particular cell or range by typing it in ( Full Answer )

How important is a name meaning?

Name meaning can be quite important, but the answer to this is subjective. Name meaning can be sometimes associated with religion. So the keener someone is to think under that spectrum, the easiest they will find it to believe in name meanings. For many others , it can be something of little signif ( Full Answer )

What is importance of naming chemical formula?

Naming is based on the elemental composition. Knowing the name, and the rules of naming, allows scientists to write about that compound without writing the chemical formula each time.