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I think that they want to hurt someone before that person can hurt them. =answer= I agree with the above poster. I also think that on some level the N is jealous of the "non-N". They cannot love, they cannot feel, they cannot empathize, they are slaves to their need for narcissistic supply. Maybe they resent that they need anything. This might cause them to lash out at those close to them. They are likely frustrated with everything because of their intense need to have everything conform to them. Compare a spoiled two-year old with a narcissist. A two-tear old will throw a tantrum when they don't get their way that is annoying maybe,yet harmless.An adult narcissist is equipped with an arsenal of hurtful behavior so their tantrum carries a lot more weight and does actual damage.

2006-10-16 16:38:17
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Q: Why are narcissists sadistic and cruel to people with whom they are in close relationships?
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Why narcissists hurt you?

Because they are deeply disturbed and get a high from spreading their pain and bringing decent people down. They feel better about themselves when everyone else is feeling miserable. They hurt normal people because normal people have feelings and empathy where as they do not. Some like the one I was involved with are also sadistic. They will inflict mental pain on you and physical pain on you or things close to you like your pets. Study their twisted evil ways and stay well clear of them.

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The contemporary conflict sociologist who pointed out that conflict is most likely to develop among people in close relationships was?

Lewis Coser

Can a narcissist get to close to someone?

I am assuming you are referring to 1. a malignant narcissist and 2. close as meaning intimate. My initial response is simply no. Narcissist do not see others as "people" but view others more like "things". This is evident in how they respond to others. Narcissists lack empathy and altruism within their personality. Empathy and altruism would be vital ingredients to a healthy and close relationship. In general N's treat other people like things. Things are used, manipulated, and discarded. We dont consider "Things" to have feelings. They are just objects. Therefore we dont consider our relationship to "things" as intimate. When people do attempt to replace intimate relationships with humans to attempting to have an "intimate" relationship with a thing or action we often refer to this as addictive behavior i.e. alcoholism etc... Generally N's are incapable of intimate, close personal relationships.

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