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Why are old comics valuable?

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Like all collectibles, the value is determined by the number of people who think they need it and the number available for sale. Investing in collectibles is sometimes refered to as the "greater fool" principle - a fool will buy something with no intrinsic value hoping a bigger fool will come along and offer more. Another basic reason that Golden Age (World War II era) comics are valuable is because of the very low number of the comics that were originally printed then. This fact, coupled with rationing efforts that required people to recycle paper (among many other things) for the war effort and the rarity of surviving issues due to the lower quality paper used in printing create a limited supply to meet a very high demand.

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What issues of x men comics are valuable?

the old ones that aren't sold anymore are the most valuable.

What is the most valuable comic ever?

Action Comics # 1 : the first appearance of Superman .

What do you get when you play table football with Nate on Big Nate Island Poptropica?

A collection of his mini-comics (not valuable except as inspiration). you do not actually need the mini comics

How old are marvel comics?

Marvel Comics started in 1961, That is when it is officially called "Marvel Comics", or Marvel Entertainment.

Where can you sell your comic books?

The largest community to sell comics is eBay. Craigslist is another option. Comic shops will buy comics, but they usually pay 10% of value. For valuable comics, contact Heritage Auctions ( or ComicLink (

How old is Marvel Comics?

Marvel started in the late 1920's known as Timely Comics

How old on is DC comics?

it was created in 1934

What are the brown spots on old comics?


How old is silver in the sonic comics?


How old is balze in the sonic comics?


Where can i read free Disney comics online? Lots of old Mickey & Donald comics.

How much are Archie comics worth?

Archie comics cost sometimes cost: $2.95 $5. 25 $10.99 it really depends how valuable the comic is. The price is normally around those prices though.

What is the most valuable comic book?

Action Comics # 1 which is the first appearance of Superman and sells for no less than a $ 100,000 .

What marvel comic books are the most valuable?

Golden Age comics are the most valuable,but spiderman's first appearance sold for 1.1 million dolars even though is a silver age comic.

Who is sally from sonic?

a old sonic character in the old tv show and comics

How much are the xmen old comics worth?

it depends HOW old and how many are left out there :)

Are old Chinese wood carved statues valuable?

Yes pretty much any old carvings are valuable.

Are old vases valuable?

Some old vases are valuable. Their value depends on how rare they are, their age, who made it, and the condition they are in.

What is the worth of Green Lantern comics?

That Depends on how old they are.

How old is Jughead Jones in the Archie comics?


Who is Batman's daughter?

In the old comics it was Helena Kyle, daughter of Catwoman. In the newer comics he has a son named Damian Wayne.

How much are the beano comics worth?

Well it depends, how old the comics are and if they are in good condition. The first beano was sold for about £7000

Are old Christmas cards valuable?


What is meaning of old is gold?

Its means old things are valuable.

What is the most expensive comic book?

There are a few very valuable comic books. One of them is Action Comics #1, which is the first appearance of superman now worth $467,000 US. Another is detective comics 27, which is the first app of batman

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