Why are older sisters so mean?


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2011-09-13 22:18:51
2011-09-13 22:18:51

because like they know their older they start to boss u around n say bad stuff.Like my big sister she says things to me but in spanish like pee face n stupid and more.N like she don't know inglesh much i say bad thing in front of her when she says stuff to me and the reason of them being so mean n rude is cause,they think their all that cause when little kids want to do some thing the parent say just to give it to them n they get mad so they be mean n ruff with the little ones that's why...


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She Had, Titanic,Luisitania, and Olympic so she had 3 older sisters

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they are mean because they hate you.

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older sisters love you. so they henpeck you. get used to it. they will never change ;) yeah they love you

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Sisters are evil because that's how they are. Especially older sisters! My older sister lies to my mother and gets me in trouble in order for her not to get into trouble. She is so evil and caniving! But you just have to get used to them being who they are.

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that's a trick question. impossible for an older sister to be nice

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